Is it advisable to use uneven memory modules?


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Nov 18, 2008
I am planning to upgrade the standard 4gb of on my April 2010 Macbook Pro (the basic 2.4ghz model) to 6gb.

Over on Crucial memory suppliers they advise using two identical modules, i.e. 2 4gb sticks rather than 1 2gb + 1 4gb.

Can anyone chip in on whether this is good advise or just them trying to make a few more bucks?

For my needs 6gb should be perfect, I have a desktop already with that amount, although to be fair the desktop is 3 * 2gb modules.



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Jun 29, 2010
DFW area
There is a benefit if you are running memory tests but in the real world I think having the extra memory far outweighs the slight difference from matched modules.

I ran 6GB (2 + 4) in one MBP for a while and saw no difference due unmatched module size but did see a bump in performance due to having more memory. It cut swapping and page outs done to almost nothing for me. I later upgraded the 2GB module to another 4GB.
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