Is it flat screen or flat panel????

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    I have always corrected people on FLAT PANEL monitors when they say "flat screen". I do know flat panel is the correct term. I am referring more to the television like the plasma, lcd and those new dlp from texas instruments (digital light processor) anyways I see a lot of advertisements, both on print and tv and it says "FLAT SCREEN TV". Just need people's help into which is the correct saying. Thanks
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    Jan 9, 2004
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    The most common, consistent usage (discounting people who just say whatever :D) I have seen, in the US, is:

    Flat Screen = any kind of display except Plasma and LCD, which is flat on the front surface

    Flat Panel = Plasma or LCD displays only, because these displays have a panel, in the sense of a panel of liquid crystals or plasma tubes, rather than having an image projected (internally or externally) onto a screen.

    EDIT: I would consider a DLP to be a Flat Screen, too, and not a Flat Panel, because the DLP still projects the image onto a screen, as far as I understand the technology. It just has a wider cone angle and can support a unit that is less deep.

    But I don't think there is broad acceptance. I just think that, where people make a point of differentiating, that's the most common line I see drawn.
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    screen only refers to the actual front of the screen that you view the image on.. if it is in deed FLAT then it is a flat screen.. but like most older tvs which have a tube, they have a convex like shape for the actual screen.. the panel refers to whats behind the screen. what produces the image.. so if it is a flat panel of lcd or plasma then it is a flat panel display.. if there is a tube then it is not flat panel... thus you are correct in your corrections
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    Thanks for clearing up one of the most uninteresting questions. Sorry about my comment to the author of this thread. :)
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    DLP is a technology used in TI-based projectors, not really a flat panel, per se. IIRC, it's really a spinning wheel and mirrors and other doo dads.
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    May 10, 2005
    You stupid, tuartboy. NO wheel. Must have mixed up your tech.


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