iPod Is it just me? (iPod Updater)


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Mar 17, 2004
Melenkurion Skyweir
Is it just me or is the way Apple handles iPod Updater very... clunky and unintuitive? When you go to software update and download the latest iPod updater, it then disappears into the Utilities folder, and within a folder of it's own as well. And when you do get there, the interface is very un-Apple-like and seems like a fast job. Why doesn't Apple auto-run the updater from Software Updater? Or maybe auto-run it the next time you plug in your iPod? Or add it to the Preferences Panel or iTunes preferences? After all everything else that is iPod-related is managed in the iTunes Preferences.

And it's been like this since the inception of the iPod. With the booming popularity of the iPod I'm surprised Apple didn't revamp the Updater and make it more user-friendly.


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Aug 30, 2003
I seem to recall that on maybe one or two occasions, the updater program started up automatically once it came through Software Update, but not every time. I don't know if it's changes to what Apple have been doing over time, if the iPod needs to be connected and awake when the update appears, or what.

This really is something that should be integrated with iTunes, though.


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May 8, 2004
I Live Where I Live
I believe the updater is stored in the folder and waits.....

Once you connect your iPod it looks to see if there is a newer version, and if so it prompts you to install it.

itunes just told me to do it the other day.... wish i grabs a shot of it...

but yeah its always tells me if i need to update, and opens the updater and starts the process, if my version is out of date.


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May 31, 2004
Cape Breton Island
Applespider said:
I've only ever run the iPod updater from its folder - when I needed to restore my iPod.

Usually, if an iPod updater comes down from SU, the next time I plug my iPod in, it pops up and tells me that there's something to update.

Same here.


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Mar 3, 2005
Virginia, U.S.A.
I'm lucky; Apple never releases updates for the 3rd gen iPods.

But, being serious, I agree wholeheartedly. Even the free Adobe Acrobat prompts for updates when it is opened. An attached iPod should be prompted for update is there was a recent Software Update iPod Update download.

Same thing with the iSight Updates. Most people don't realize that those also only work when the updater is run with the iSight connected. In fact, I would dare say most people don't realize iPod or iSight updates don't automatically happen as soon as you download them and connect the device.

::sigh:: There are some quirks to be worked out of the system.


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Apr 19, 2004
Hmm. I get a window saying, "iTunes has detected an update for your iPod would you like to install it." Maybe it is only in 4.9 or something.