Is it just me or is Shared Photo Streams UI and the way it works really bad?

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    Been playing with shared photo streams. It seems to me it's not very well thought out. If I start by clicking on the "shared" button at the bottom of the photos app, and tap on "Create New Stream", I am forced to invite people, and the invitations are sent out before I've even added any photos. If the person I am sharing with is not on an iOS device, they get an instant email anyway asking them to subscribe, (which they cannot do because they have an Android for instance) that is useless to them on their phone (and just causes confusion to the invitee). Then, I have to go into the settings of the stream I just created (after now being able to add photos) and turn on "Public Website" and then share the link with that person again. So now, they get a *second* email after the first useless one. Also, even if I'm sharing with someone who *does* have an iOS device. What if that person opens the "subscribe" email on their PC at work? It's still a useless email. I assume that if the person opens it up on a Mac, and they have shared streams enabled in iPhoto then it will open up automatically in iPhoto?

    Shouldn't I be able to:

    1) First, (If I start by tapping "Shared" at the bottom of the Photos app) tap on "Create New Stream", select photos for the stream (or select "Add Photos Later), and then name it.

    2) Next, decide whether I want to make the photo stream available as a "Public Website".

    3) Next, add people to my shared stream invite list, and, as I choose each person, specify whether they should get a "Subscribe" invitation or a "Public Website" invitation or both. "Public Website" invitations get sent via email, "Subscribe" invitations are pushed to the invitee's iOS device (Notification Center and/or Photos app), and/or to the invitee's Mac (Notification Center and/or iPhoto). If I did not choose to make the stream available as a "Public Website" the "Public Website" invitation option will be grayed out or not offered. If the stream was not made available as a "Public Website" and I try to choose someone who does not have a Mac or an iOS device, I will be told that the person cannot be invited to subscribe because they are not using a device running iOS or OS X, and to make the stream available as a "Public Website" in order to allow this person to view the stream. The Photos app and iPhoto will be able to determine this fact similar to the way that the Messages app can determine if you are able to send iMessages to friends or it must be sent as a text.

    4) If I've chosen to "Add Photos Later", when the invitee opens up the stream, they will see a message saying "No photos have been added yet. Check back later!" or something similar.

    This way, useless emails that will do nothing can be avoided and invitees won't open a blank stream before I've added any photos to it (unless I have chosen to add photos later, in which case the invitee will get the message to check back at a later time and not be confused as to why the photo stream is blank).

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    Also, when I add photos to a stream, it starts at the very beginning of my pics from like 4 years ago. It'd be nice if it can start with the most recent pics and work backwards.

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