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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Jwosh, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Jwosh macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2008
    Does apple seem to care more about getting new touch customers and seem to be forgetting that some people already own the thing!

    I bought my touch back in november and since ive honestly not seen one bit of good news come my way, I'm trying my best to resist jailbreaking but atm I feel like everyday apple is pushing me more and more towards doing it, first there was the january update great! if you want to pay for something that should already be on it, also I dont know if im the only person but whenever I click no when it asks me if I want to buy it when I plug my touch in to make it stop popping up it kindly gives me the message "sorry we could not deal with your request" every time so I have to be forced to look at it now every time I plug in my touch,

    secondly how long are they going to take for this stpd SDK, after asking for money for software in January its really giving me suspicions over how liberating this is going to be for the touch and is just building on the probabilty of huge restrictions being put on what programs can actually be made for it, I seem to remember the notice saying early Feb, its now the 16th and Ive not seen a single sign of the SDK, instead apple have kindly released a higher spec touch before it to spit in the faces of everyone who supported the touch when it first came out and have since recieved jack sh*t from apple, I really think apple need to start thinking about what its current customers want and sort out their problems before they start attracting new ones
  2. JML42691 macrumors 68020


    Oct 24, 2007
    Um, Steve Jobs said in the Keynote that the SDK is going to be released in Late February, not early February. And they had to charge for the update, as there were legal reasons forcing them to. Basically that they cannot add more functionality to a product (unless if the product would not work properly without the update), unless if they are going to make an income from it. The iPhone got the free update as it was on a subscription set up, but the touch was not. And before you try to go against this point with examples like :apple:TV and what not, :apple:TV will make them an income through the rentals. And they are a business, not a non-profit organization, so what if they released a higher capacity model, they were bound to do it eventually, you must have thought to yourself when you bought it, "The 16 GB model is right for me," or, "I wish that they had a higher capacity model." And we all knew that there was going to be one, and the price of the other ones didn't change at all. And if you really want the 32 GB model now, then great, Apple has succeeded in doing what businesses are supposed to do, make people want their product and eventually buy it. So stop complaining.
  3. Jwosh thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2008
    The only problem I see is that how can they truely open up the touch to developers if theyre going to charge for things such as the january update because all I can see is the first thing off the line when the SDK is released are most likely to be almost exact copies of the software released in the january update, also I dont see how people without the january update are going to be able to function properly with the SDK as they do not support multiple switchboards, cannot move icons around on the switchboard and as far as I can see can not add new icons
  4. djellison macrumors 68020

    Feb 2, 2007
    Pasadena CA
    Bull. They get income via Google maps searches, they get income via iTunes purchases. They charged extra BECAUSE THEY COULD. Not because they had to. If they 'had' to - then charge a nominal 0.01$ for it. They charged a few bucks because they could get away with shafting customers prepared to bend over for Apple at every opportunity.

  5. aethelbert macrumors 601

    Jun 1, 2007
    Chicago, IL, USA
    I'm glad to see that others also see the irony in Apple, a company, charging money to turn a profit. :rolleyes:
  6. JML42691 macrumors 68020


    Oct 24, 2007
    No, because the stockholders would have had the grounds to file claims against Apple for marketing their product in a way that will give consumers a product without charging a sufficient amount (if any) for it. This is done to protect the stockholders, think if you were a stockholder, you paid money to support this business, and then this business goes and gives away a product (the apps) without charging for them. Wouldn't you be pissed? You money in supporting the company is going to waste and becoming of less of a value. If they charged a $.01 upgrade price, then the stockholders could still make the claim (which I believe that there is some legal grounds to, I am sure somebody else here can link to what this is referring to, because I am not exactly sure what it is, but it has been mentioned and linked to in the past here) as the value on the product is nominal and not worth much of anything in means of a profit. And the iTunes purchase thing, thanks for proving my point;). That is a free upgrade and download as Apple will make a profit from it. And of course they want to make a profit on it, that is the overall point of a business.
  7. davidy macrumors 6502


    Jan 28, 2008
    Yes, it's just you (and other complainers)

    So basically what you're saying is that you should be able to buy a product and then get every upgrade forever after for free. Well, get over it, life doesn't work that way. If you buy something you are buying it as is and because you think that it meets your needs and desires at the time you purchase it. When, as it ALWAYS happens, an improvement or updated product arrives on the scene, you can either pay for improvements to your product, or do without.

    Geez folks; you got what you wanted and paid for. If something better becomes available either pay for it or do without it but don't expect someone to throw free stuff your way. If they do, fine. If not, so be it.

    Apple did do the $20 rebate thing only because so many people cried about it. Don't expect that tactic to work forever; Apple would have been well within their rights to tell you to stuff it.
  8. beaker26 macrumors member

    Aug 28, 2007
    Apple has to pay for the license to use the "find me" feature of google maps. If they would of left out that feature people would be pissed because it's not the same as the iPhone map application.

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