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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by fatandlazy11, May 30, 2006.

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    Is it just me, or do Apple's laptops just get crappier as time goes on?

    Now, Don't get me wrong, I love Apple, but it seems that whenever they have an "Improvement" that fixes a problem the laptop had, something else goes wrong. The new Mbooks and Mbook Pros? Geese, those of you who dont own one, have you seen how many people have the EXACT same problem? And people who do own one, Are you thinking "What a peice of crap!" (I would be pretty pissed by now too.) It seems to me that Apple might intentionly be sabbatogeing their products so people will have to buy a new one. Or maybe thier design team needs to get off thier fat ass, and design a laptop that actually works! From what I've heard, these now designs are CRAP! I went into an Apple store about a week before Apple switched to Intel processors: Everything was perfect! I used an iBook 12" without a problem: same with an iMac G5. I'm asking myself, "Why did they change it?" What? It was becomeing outdated? Well, slap a bigger harddrive and processer into it! You've been doing the same thing for 25 years! You mean you can't do that, so your only option is to go to INTEL and COMPLETLY REDO your latops?! Gee, they were only the greatest thing ever! What did you guys say, "Oh, yes, the iBooks and PowerBooks are awesome, but lets go with a WINDOWS processer, and invent a new laptop, and shove the best selling computers we have off the market!" WERE YOU ON DRUGS?! I swear, I was just about to buy a brand new iBook... THEN I FOUND OUT THEY WERE GONE! Seriously! Despite the obvious problems, you shoved a GREAT pair of laptops off the market! way to go, bozo's! Let's go back to the simpiler days, like, 1995-2001! (rant is over. feel free to flame the crap out of me here or at my email address: (See, I DO LIKE APPLE!)
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    well fatandlazy11, it sounds as if you dont own one of these machines, it would be nice that before you went on these rants, you had some 1st hand experience in the matter. and as for the laptops being crap, this is a forum, naturally WAY more people will come here for help with their laptop than to praise their new laptop. and so, if you are on these forums a lot you will have heard many more complaints than praises. i'm led to believe the percentage of satisfied MBP and MB owners dwarfs those that are unsatisfied.

    Note: i do not own an intel MAC so i cannot say wether they are good or bad, i am simply stating some facts.

    and way to let off some steem :)
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    hmm... may be it was the fact that they were weaned off the drugs that made then 'make' bad decisions.

    anyway i don't know anything about computers, but i read that one of the main reasons for changing to intel was that they couldn't fit the g5 processor in a laptop without physically cooking you up as a bbq... which meant that they were serverely limited speedwise in the mobil market. yes, the speed of the processor isn't the only factor in the speed of the computer, but the fact of the matter is thats the only thing the run of the mill consumer look at. and if you are selling a 'superior' computer at say 1.5 mhz (or however high the last rev of g4s went) for an elevated price to a market that might be naturally biased against your product, you really need to go for the thing that could 'sell' ie processor speed. because face it, few switcher will switch if they see that they can get a dell at a much cheaper price and 'faster' too. and not all of us are dependent on the drug commonly known as 'aesthetics' (or more crassly, 'good taste').

    i am still waiting for my mactel mb. although i do feel that apple might have sold out on it, at least they still come in a pretty box with os x and i life right?

    oh and why can't they have g5 towers and another brand for laptops? thats just simply admitting that there are severe issues that they haven't been able to solve- "urm no... we have tried everything to produce a g5 laptop but short of sticking you and the thing in the freezer, we are not doing that well'. either way they loose out right? and may be this whole intel/ bootcamp (now is it the chip which allows that? i am not sure? i don't really try to be clever and do things like that) is going to attract more switchers and gain more market. woo. now we just all have to run out and get ourselves some apple shares.

    so the question is... do you want to play russian roulette with the new gen of laptops with the slight possibility of frying your balls off (and as someone very rightly said, just put it on your lap not your thighs) or do you want to, 3 years down the line, feel that your lovely brand spanking new powerbook which still unfortunately run at 1.5mhz and cost as much as pc running at '2x' speed of your lovely beautiful non balls frying laptop and have those evil evil evil windows user laugh at how the flintstones used to use macs too?

    i knwo which i will choose. at least i will be one of those 'cool' people at the library!

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