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Nov 20, 2009
Hi all,

I tend to be a couple of years late to the party. My original AirPods are starting to have battery wane issues so I was looking to upgrade. I very excited got the Airpod Pros which arrived today. Prior to this it’s been able headphones or big clunky over the eat brands.

I find the original AirPods extremely comfortable.

I had a really bad reaction to the AirPod Pros. Trying to get a fit I felt like I was in an airplane trying to swallow to relieve the pressure. I struggled to get a seal, found myself checking back while listening to a podcast to see if I still had a seal (I didn’t). I went through all the tips but the pressure issue was the most bothersome.

Here’s my question. I missed the boat on these years ago so wasn’t sure the common reaction. Do most people have difficulty coming from regular AirPods when trying to get the noise cancellation to work? Does it usually require a few days to get used to them? I’d hate to miss out and quit too early but I’m ready to return them after about five minutes and didn’t know if it was worth sticking it out.
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Dec 4, 2013
Truth be told I took 4-6 weeks to get used to them, only from a what tip to use point of view.

Started with mediums in both ears, had that for a couple of weeks, then swapped left one to small, kept right one on medium for another couple of weeks, still not happy, tried both on small, been comfy ever since.


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Sep 2, 2010
I had the same disappointing reaction when I ordered the Pros earlier in the year. I kept them about a week and then returned them. They were just uncomfortable, your description of being on a plane is spot on! I too wish these were more comfortable because I did love them compared to the first gen airpods, other than the fit in the ear.

I’m so tempted to order them again, given the cool upgrades coming, and my first gens are getting older. However, I fear it will just be another waste of time. I do have 45 days to return with Best Buy, so I will follow this thread and if enough people adjust after an extended period of time I may give them another go.

Feel like in general I have issues with any kind of expanding tip in my ear (I can’t even stand ear plugs, I’d rather lose the sleep lol). The non-Pro‘s feel so much better, odd considering it’s a more firm surface. I’m considering Beats to use for work and keep my first gen AirPods until they die for when I walk the dog. Have never had a pair of Beats before though, not sure what that experience is like at all. Afraid it will be too much pressure on my head, and ears. Couldn’t handle Bose noise cancelling back in the day.

Making the jump to the second gen Airpods just doesn’t seem worth it to me, even though I realize going that route eliminates the issue had with the Pros. Just don’t feel the bang for the buck in that scenario.


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Jul 20, 2008
I'm kind of in the same boat. I've used plenty of in the ear headphones and they never bothered me.
Coming from orginal AirPods, im finding my ear canals feel itchy while wearing them (with or without audio) after more than a few minutes. Music sounds much more immersive with more bass (good, not great) than original AirPods. Airpods seem significantly more comfortable to me. I'm gonna give it one more week and then decide.....
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