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    ... or does this paragraph not make sense?

    I have no idea how to correct it because I cant figure out what MR is trying to say. I do, however, know that that last sentence should read as follows:

    *Not sure if the first comma is correct either. Could someone with more knowledge of the English language confirm?
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    Obvious enough.
    Seems simple, too: even "knowing" it was coming, no one was right about what it would be.
    The FCC wasn't in a position to leak details or cause them to come out due to the filing process. Had Apple waited until the FCC approved it (i.e. had Apple announced it 5 months from now), details would have been known.
    Yes, it's missing a comma. That's all. The point is that they partnered with others and still maintained tight security.
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    kingsly, what is that little gold ribbon for under your name? never seen one!
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    I understand now. IMHO, the article would have been more clear if it read something like this:
    ...give or take a few changes. :)

    It's my grammar nazi party membership ribbon!

    (Okay, okay, it's actually a ribbon for winning the MR Apple Ad contest)
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    A remarkable add indeed, Kingsly. Congratulations.

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