Is it me or apple mouses are really bad?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by MPB11, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. MPB11 macrumors regular

    Feb 2, 2011

    Is it me or both the magic mouse and the apple mouse are totally uncomfortable in hand? Even if they WORK well, I just don't feel like using any of them. Any cheap pc mouse almost feels better to work long hours. I even had some people telling me that it partially ruins their iMac experience.

    What do you guys think of that?
  2. sonicrobby macrumors 68020


    Apr 24, 2013
    New Orleans
    I actually love the way it feels, what I didnt like about the magic mouse was its sensitivity. Often it would mistake my scrolling for multitasking gestures. It got annoying...
  3. mslide macrumors 6502a

    Sep 17, 2007
    I've always felt that Apple mice and keyboards suck. Sure, they look good but aren't ergonomic or comfortable for long periods of use. I've always been surprised that Apple can't come up with a mouse that both looks good and is ergonomic but I guess those two generally don't go hand in hand. I much prefer a Logitech Performance MX and keyboard with mechanical switches.
  4. rgarjr macrumors 603


    Apr 2, 2009
    Southern California
    mouse is low profile so it will feel different.
  5. FreakinEurekan macrumors 68040


    Sep 8, 2011
    Eureka Springs, Arkansas
    I know you're not alone in feeling that way. Personally I wasn't real fond of the Mighty Mouse but the Magic Mouse is AWESOME for me and I have no desire to look for anything different. I have one on each Mac. I have large hands (9" span thumb-to-pinkie) and find the Magic Mouse very comfortable.
  6. SandboxGeneral Moderator emeritus


    Sep 8, 2010
    I've never liked the mice Apple has put out. I use a Logitech Performance MX instead. I have one for each of my three Mac's.
  7. NinjaDuck macrumors member


    Sep 15, 2013
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    I personally like the magic mouse. It fits beautifully in my hand.
  8. throAU macrumors 601


    Feb 13, 2012
    Perth, Western Australia
    It's not you.

    They're pretty crappy (yes I have one).

    I've ditched it for Logitech.

    I do, however love the magic trackpad.
  9. Lankyman macrumors 68000

    May 14, 2011
    If you want to do anything remotely productive then the Magic Mouse is not the one to use. The ergonomics are truly dreadful. I use a Logitech Laser. MM is a case of form over function.
  10. maplingstorie macrumors 6502

    Jan 25, 2009
    It took me nearly a year to decide to buy the magic mouse because of many bad reviews. But I took the plunge a week ago because I just loved the smooth scrolling which no other mouse could offer except the touchpad. I would say it won't be as precise as a gaming mouse and has low DPI but it certainly is a kind of different mouse and experience. Use softwares like with smoothmouse + bettertouchtool to make it a better experience. It's able to support up to 4 finger gestures with the help of bettertouchtool which is awesome. So far, i've not experienced any hand cramps maybe because I have small hands. haha
  11. Vandefilm macrumors regular

    Feb 17, 2012
    It's always the same story. People are used to bigger mouses and the magic mouse gets uncomfortable if you use it for the first 2 weeks. Most people don't have the patience and/or use a different mouse at work for example so they even need a longer 'getting used to'-period.
    If you should use the magic mouse for one month (and only the MM) then it will fee very strange if you have a PC-mouse in your hand again. Because a 'normal' mouse isn't ergonomic either.
  12. takeshi74 macrumors 601

    Feb 9, 2011
    Not just you but it is a subjective matter. Some are fine with them. Some can't stand them. Use whatever works for you.
  13. MPB11 thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 2, 2011
    I have been using it for the past 2 years and decided to go back yesterday to a simple logitech mouse, best decision in my case, i have big hands and the magic mouse just isn't for me I guess.
  14. TyPod macrumors 68000


    Nov 2, 2006
    And Yourself?
    I love the MM. It fits great in my hand and I don't get strained after being on my computer for a long time.
  15. monkeybagel macrumors 65816

    Jul 24, 2011
    United States
    I like both the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad for OS X 10.7+ use, and I feel they work excellent. While in other OSs, I use a standard USB mouse with wheel as Windows and UNIXes do not seem to adapt well to the Magic Mouse smooth scroll.
  16. jetjaguar macrumors 68030


    Apr 6, 2009
    I always hated apple mice especially the magic mouse but after using it for awhile I am just so used to it. I even use it for gaming.
  17. JAT macrumors 603

    Dec 31, 2001
    Mpls, MN
    I haven't tolerated an Apple mouse since Jobs came back. I do like the trackpad.

    I have used Logitech and Kensington products most of my life.
  18. Htin macrumors regular


    Mar 6, 2013
    the magic mouse doesnt glide well...... and horrible for fps.... :(

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