Is it my battery?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Confuzzeled23, Jul 20, 2017.

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    Hey Everyone!

    My Early 2011 MacBook Pro's battery swelled and needed replacing. I contacted Apple and they said due to it being a legacy product it is no longer supported so I couldn't buy a new battery through them. I purchased a new battery A1322 through Amazon. I have received the new battery. Since installing, the battery will charge, the button on the left side shows full lights, full charge. When I unplug the laptop from power it will instantly die. Yet, if it I plug it back in the battery says its fully charged charged.

    However, OS X is stating to replace the newly inserted battery and Coconut Battery is saying battery failure. So I am just wondering if for sure the battery is a dud or could there be something faulty with my computer that caused the Apple one to swell in the first place?

    Would appreciate any help,


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    It's an older machine so I wouldn't worry about anything causing swelling other than age.

    Battery itself is difficult, it's the likely cause of the problem and first thing to check. Is it a genuine one? There's a lot of fakes or shoddy one's around. I believe they should cost about $80, how much did you pay or do you have a link to where you brought it from?

    If it all checks out you could probably do with a PWM/SMC reset, you can google how to do them if you don't know.
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    PRAM / SMC reset may fix it. Otherwise you probably have a defective replacement battery

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