iPhone 8(+) is it my phone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DrWho, May 22, 2018.

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    Concerned Aussie

    I have 65GB a month, through Telstra (regardless of frequent network issues) and frequently download files throughout the day, of various things (mkv for movies/television shows, rar files) through various file hosting websites, and offload them, when I get home

    At the moment (according to speedtest) on my iPhone 8 Plus on 4G, I get around 52.7Mbps, when I am almost certain I have seen it larger in the past

    Especially at work, due to amazing WiFi, no joke, around 151Mbps downloads, and 205Mbps uploads

    Though going to various websites such as fileflares/suprafiles/cloudyfiles/file-upload/userscloud/openload
    In the past I could usually get 1-2Mbps or higher, obviously higher at work

    But recently I am not getting the same speeds as before, and I can't tell if it is my phone or work has done something to the websites

    How can I make sure what the problem is
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    Wow 200 views and not a single reply thanks, it's not like i need help or anything
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    "Between the Hedges"
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    So u are really surprised that people view a post titled “is it my phone” and than don’t have a proper answer???

    We look into cos we have no clue what the thread even is about!
    rename it to a useful description of your problem so that we and the search engine understand.

    Hint: “I need help”, “iPhone problem”, “what is this?” Isn’t much better;)
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    Get another phone. Try downloads. Check if the speeds are greater or not.

    Pretty simple stuff.
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    help downloading mkv's from file hosting sites which likely means pirated movies etc and you're first thought is that it's your phone. dude if you are doing it on work wifi it's more likely that, and you are probably lucky you haven't been fired over using company resources like that. not to mention that your carrier could be throttling such downloads. and heck you can't even prove that you had better speeds before. but you are going to bitch and moan over 2Mbps apparently

    so here's an answer for you: stop downloading pirated video files and stop griping about what is really a tiny drop in speed.
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