Is it normal a jail broken phone will occasionally be glitchy/laggy

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by aliensarecool, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Nothing I'm upset about, Every once in a while something will be glitchy/laggy momentarily. Nothing that would not want me to have my phone JB'd...just curious if others have this. Also do you have to ever rejailbreak your phone? Or Once you do you never have to again! Id like to Start Over from scratch and just get the few necessities I really need. This was my first iphone and JB so I got a lil carried away. Only problem is my iTunes backups were while jailbroken and I read some things
    Related to the JB might be included. I wanna start over from scratch but all I want backed up is my. Contacts which I cant seem to do. How can I take them off my phone and keep em on an external hd? What location and what format should they be in?
  2. Axgema macrumors newbie

    Jan 12, 2012
    have an ipod 4g which is pretty similar. my ipod will by laggy every once in a while when i exit apps, like i have to swipe a few times to get it to go to the next page but thats it. ive only restored and rejailbroken (u have to restore to rejailbreak unless you've uninstalled cydia) 2 times and that was because of some big time springboard crashes even mobile substrate couldnt save me from. since i dont have an iphone i dont know about the contacts but you can use icloud to back up photos calendar notes and you can try to go into setting and see if you can use icloud to back up contacts. if that doesnt work, i would do it the old fashoined way and write em down on a piece of paper and put them back in manually.
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    you have installed a tweak or app that is causing the glitch or lag. If it bugs you uninstall them through cydia one or two at a time till you find the culprits. Fakeclockup is also worth installing it will give you a small amount of speed boast not really speeding up your computer it alters the UI animation speeds so that transitions and other animations will occur shorter or longer.
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    It's winterboard that causes the very slight lag on mine. The lag I get is opening up an app. Scrolling and using the net is buttery smooth for me.

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