Is it normal for Mac OS X to crash?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by slapple, Dec 25, 2011.

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    I just got a MBP with Lion on it. I'm new to Macs, so I don't know much about how stable they are. I think I've heard they're supposed to be a lot more stable than Windows.

    I was just doing some browsing in Safari, when Safari froze the whole system. I could still move the mouse pointer, but nothing else worked. I couldn't click on anything, I tried the Command-Option-Escape but that didn't do anything (is that supposed to be equivalent to Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows?). I finally had to hold down the power button for several seconds to turn it off. Now it's back on again and seems to be working fine.

    Just wondering if this sort of thing ever happens on a Mac? Or do Macs never crash like this and I should be worried about a possible hardware problem?

    Also, since I had to force the Mac to power off by holding down the power button, I'm wondering if I should try to make sure that nothing on the hard drive got corrupted? Does the Mac have an equivalent to the Windows "chkdsk" command?
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    Jan 25, 2009
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    Do yourself a favor and learn how to use your new Mac. The Apple site has great tutorials.


    And your contribution is ???
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    Nonsense reply.

    OP: See if repairing disk permissions helps. Go to Disk Utility, click on your hard drive, verify and then repair the disk.
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    Any stable OS normally doesn't crash, that's pretty obvious to me. Therefore assuming it is normal for OS X to crash if that happened just one time is nonsense.

    It's very difficult, if not impossible, to diagnose a hardware failure from a crash, also. Note that "crash" is not correct, as your system just freezed (that can happen with any OS unfortunately). If this behaviour keeps going, consider posting back here and eventually contact Apple if you're still covered with the phone support.

    Great contribution.
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    OP noticed you asked about 6 questions, no one answered.

    Yes, Macs are seemingly more stable, i personally think its the way that the way the RAM is allocated etc etc.. ;)

    The Cmd+Alt+Esc key command is kind of the equivalent of task manager, yes. Although its probably easier, better to think of it as a quick trigger for quitting troublesome programs/programs you accidentally opened. If you want more info on the individual processes going on across your mac, and other stuff (RAM Usage, Network Usage, CPU Usage-for system and user) go to Activity Monitor (can be found in Applications>Utilities [cmd+shft+u])

    Without more info as to what apps you had open, its difficult to diagnose what the issue is, and what the solution might be. Heck might even be that you just overloaded Safari, which had knock on effects, its why information is important in such situations ;)

    I'm about 80% sure, that Mac OSX has a function similar to chkdsk built in, it's got foundations of Unix, so that stuff should all be under there somewhere ;) Im sure someone will come and correct me on my info... :)

    P.S i learnt most of what i know about macs by reading the apple site, wiki, and here as well.. would recommend a similar idea for you. (it will help, will make using a mac fun, not a chore)
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    Pretty much the only time I see Safari act like that is when it gets bogged down with plugins, especially Adobe Flash. If that's what happened in your case, you could install something like ClickToFlash.
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    It's not normal for OS X to crash, so keep an eye on this. If this is a brand-new system, have you allowed it to update itself? Lion is a relatively new version of OS X, and the system will likely have come with an earlier slightly less stable of Lion (and perhaps Safari). I know that the last thing you want to be doing is waiting for a brand-spanking-new computer to update itself, but in this case I would strongly recommend it - if you haven't done so already.

    Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner.... there should be an update option. First time computer might need to cycle through the updates a few times until you are caught up. Some updates don't get downloaded until something else is up to date.

    Congrats on the new system!

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