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Sep 11, 2008
I have been working on an iPad version of my app. I copied my iPhone project and then set about laying out a new storyboard. There is a lot of split view controller use so the code has been modified in several places. I thought a completely separate iPad app would be simpler to manage the code and to grow the features as it may grow to include things not present in the iPhone version. It also allows me to leave my iPhone version untouched and not worry about adding bugs to an app that is on sale.

However, it just occurred to me. Is selling separate iPhone / iPad versions of the same app ok? Is this regular practice or are consumers used to buying one version (iphone/ipad) and automatically getting the app on the other platform?

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May 25, 2012
While it's ok to do and some people do it you are actually losing out on rankings by doing so. I believe you get a slight boost from being universal and of course get both platforms sales as rankings for both devices.

For example I updated my bracket maker to be universal instead of just for iPhone. If I would have just made a seperate new ipad app I could have been at the bottom of the search results since it was a new app with no downloads but instead it took my iPhone downloads into account and I was highly ranked.
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