Is it possible to get my iphone unlocked by apple?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Zedsdead185, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I've recently come to the end of my iphone contract with orange and due to money problems wish to lower the price of my contract. I am currently paying £35 and found a sim that suits my needs for £20 and i will still be with orange. However I know that your not able to just switch between sims without unlocking my phone in any way.

    My friends have told me that apple can unlock your phone for you for free once you've reached the end of the contract. I've tried looking into this, however all i can find on google is people on about buying iphones already unlocked or orange unlocking it for you for £20.

    Are my friends correct in saying that apple can do it for free once the contract is over, and does anyone know how I can go about it?

    Thanks all
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    Why not go to Apple and find out? If they can't do it for free, go to Orange. Maybe you can convince them to do it for free because you have been/will be using their service.

    Did you try the new sim? If you are staying on the same carrier, it may not be an issue anyways.

    Sorry I can't give anything more definitive (posting from US, no idea how this stuff is handled in the UK).
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    Apple genius at an outlet wont unlock it for you.

    You will need to speak to orange for the unlocking procedure and pay the admin fee.

    Have you spoken to them about looking at an alternative tariff for your iphone ? They wil be able to transfer your number and new tariff onto your current microsim.

    I'm on 02 simplicity at £25.50 a month payg.

    300 cross network minutes.
    50 mms messages
    Unlimited texts.
    1gb of Internet.

    Ok so i paid upfront for my ip4 but the tariff im on is on par with most contract tariff's.
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    I would go to an apple store but there isn't one close enough and was hoping to be able to do it online. There is however an orange shop nearby so I might try tomorrow. Also, I haven't actually bough the new sim yet. I want to make sure I can unlock my phone first.

    Hmmm. I will have to talk to orange about this tomorrow. I don't see why i should have to pay £20 to get a phone unlocked which has finished its contract and when I'm gonna be staying with orange anyway. Especially when other networks offer an unlock for free. I am hoping that the £20 is a fee on top of any unpaid months if your still on a contract.

    On top of all this. I've spoke to my friend again and she claims that her boyfriend (who works at an apple store) was able to do it by sending her a link on the apple site. She filled in a form and got it unlocked in 24 hours. Hmmm

    First port of call i to obviously check out the orange store tomorrow. Thanks for the help guys
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    Hope you can convince them to do it for free :) especially as such as O2 will do so. Some great deals for sim only packages. O2 12 months can't remember if it's £20 or £25, unlimited texts, 900 mins and 750Mb data which is more than enough for my uses (wi-fi at home and also at the local)
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