is it possible to have two iphones and itunes libraries on one pc?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dudeofblokes, Aug 30, 2010.

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    hi both me and my wife use the same pc and account, we have no need for separate accounts on pc.

    is it possible for us to each have our own itunes library that we can access maybe holding down shift or something on start up?

    we both have an iphone each but have two very different tastes in music and apps so we are curious cna the one itunes program have two libraries as to which we can sync our own iphone seperately
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    Yes, I have my work 3GS and my personal iPhone 4 on one machine.
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    The only problem I see using 2 separate iTunes libraries as the link suggests is for the instances where you do use the same apps and listen to the same music. If your wife down loads a song in her iTunes then you will have to find that song on your HD to add it to your iTunes. Seems like a pain to manage.

    Me and my wife share the same iTunes library with our iPhones and iPods. You can easily create your own play lists and sync then to your phone and iTunes knows which play list goes to which phone. This is the same for apps. Each phone remembers which app are synced with what phone. much easier to maintain then 2 separate libraries
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    Yes, dudeofblokes, do this.

    MUCH more convinient and you can still put different apps and playlists on each phone.
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    unless they have a huge library of songs and apps

    It is easier like this! but, if they have a big collection of music and apps and each of them don't care for the other's music tastes or apps, then it takes more time to go around finding good songs/apps to put on each phone especially if they want to create new playlists for each of their phones it might take more time to find what they want or simply rearranging the apps in iTunes, picking apps they would have to scroll down maybe 100's of apps (that for them are useless and mix between theirs) to find the apps they want to sync that was downloaded or something. Also if they are constantly changing the songs in the phones could be more hassle... so a two library configuration could be a better management solution for them...
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    Jun 23, 2010
    We also do this exact same thing. Very convenient.

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