Is it possible to prevent the Notes app from deleting the notes when backed up?

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    Feb 14, 2014
    I just discovered all but one of my notes was no longer on my iPhone 4. After a bit of panic and a quick google, I found my notes in among my yahoo email folders.

    I can appreciate that my notes are now backed up in case, for example, something happens to my phone, but I DO NOT want them removed from the phone. I put the notes in the Notes application on my phone for a reason. If I wanted this information in my email account I would have, you know, emailed them to myself.

    Is it possible to turn off the deletion aspect of this "feature. The only thing I've found under settings was the setting of the "default account".

    Seriously, I wish I'd done a little more investigating about iOS7 before I upgraded. Removing data from my phone without my consent is just asinine. Again I ask...what were they thinking.

    I hope someone out there has found a way to do this. Thank you
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    Try checking the settings for the email at Yahoo. I use Gmail for this and the Notes remain on my phone but also back up to a Gmail Notes folder every time I open the Notes app. It takes only a few seconds. This behavior is the same on my iOS 6 & iOS 7 devices.

    IIRC, there have been various problems reported with using Yahoo email generally.

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