Is it possible to re-apply for the same position after I received a rejection email from HR?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Keigorjai, Aug 9, 2017.

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    In short, I got referal for the position (apps reviewer). This position requires to be able to read, write, type, and speak in other language. I first submitted my application in June. Then, I got my first phone interview in July, and my 2nd phone interview about a week later. And also the on-site interview last Monday. I underwent totally 3 interviews and I think I was doing great for all interviews. The interview took place in Sunnyvale, CA.

    Somehow, I received my rejection email 4 days after the on-site interview. As I said, I think I was doing great. According to my working experience, I think I am a suitable person for this job because I know their demands and requirements for this position. And my package is absolutely fits for this job. Nevertheless, I have few friends already been working for this position and I know I am able to do their work as good as they are. So, is it possible for me to re-apply for the same position again? If so, how long should I wait?
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    It depends on how big your package is. ;)

    Seriously, in colloquial American English "package" usually means "a box or other parcel" or "the front bulge in a male's pants".

    I'm trying to be helpful, not critical. Just from your post, however, I wonder if during the interview you said things that made the Apple folks wonder about your command of colloquial English. In conventional speech, one would say something like "my qualifications absolutely fit this job", not "my package is absolutely fits for this job".

    If the job is to deal totally in the 2nd language - this shouldn't matter. If the job requires both colloquial English and a second language - that might explain the rejection.

    If you reapply, consider finding a language brush-up course focused on technical English as a second language. Or, if the position is for non-English support - ask if the interview can be done in the second language.
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    Agree with AldenShaw. If you got to the onsite stage, the hiring team will definitely remember you. Unless you're bringing something new (such as an improved skill or new certification), it's unlikely they will reverse their previous position. Were you able to follow up with the recruiter to ask why you weren't selected for the job?
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    Yep, if you get rejected, the odds are fairly high about not making the cut a 2nd time. You can better your odds by providing evidence of improving yourself, i.e., specific courses, training, certificates that will aid you in that specific job opening.

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