Is it possible to salvage my iPad Air 2 or is it a lost cause?

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    Ok, so a short while back I was traveling on a long trip with my iPad. Had multiple flights with it on a carry-on, no issues. On my very last day of my trip, on my way home, I took a bad spill with my carry-on, on a sidewalk. I get home and my trusty 3 yr old iPad, previously with out a scratch on it, is in shambles. Still turns on but it’s a myriad of broken screen and glass, to the point where chunks of it have fallen out from the top where the camera is/was. And now it can’t hold a charge or charge up.

    What are my options to try and bring this once awesome piece of tech back to life? Would it be very expensive? And since it’s 3 years old at this point (but all paid off), should I just cut my losses and focus on getting a new one? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I personally would not fix it. It likely would cost more than the device would be worth. If you want to similar a iPad (lacks laminate display), take a look at the 9.7 iPad Apple has for approximately $329. Or iPad Pro 10.5.
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    Well, only you can make a financial decision on this... the flat rate repair for an iPad Air 2 is $299, as outlined here:

    So, if it is a relatively base model iPad Air 2, as in low memory and wifi-only, getting a new model at $329 is a no-brainer. On the other hand... if your broken model is a 128gb cellular model then your choice gets a little harder. Replacing it with a top-spec new model is going to cost $559, versus getting a pretty reasonable identical iPad Air 2 replacement at $299.
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    Most likely the only damaged part is the Digitizer glass, not the Display behind it and not the Battery either. (The smashed touchscreen Digitizer is leaking energy, that’s why the Battery isn’t loading.) A new Digitizer for the iPad Air 2 can be bought in China for $15 including shipping. The tricky part is the repair. Digitizer and Display are glued together without an air gap between them. You’ve got to separate them carefully with a Heatgun and a lot of patience and remove all glue from the Display with some special solvent chemical. If you’re able to save the Display, you can glue a new Digitizer on top of it. The transparent glue is also special and not easy to use. It’s a very difficult repair, but on the other hand, you can’t make it worse!

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