Is it possible to speed up Blu-ray/DVD playback on a mac?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by truth1ness, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. truth1ness, Apr 22, 2015
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    truth1ness macrumors regular

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    I'm thinking about getting a USB DVD/Bluray player for my media mac but I'm wondering if it is possible for my Mac to increase the playback speed from the disc? Can I simply open the DVD/Blu-ray in VLC (or similar program) and increase playback speed or does it not work that way? If not is there any way to accomplish this without a very lengthy encoding to mp4 process? I like to watch educational videos sped up, and on youtube or mp4's I do this simply with VLC but I'm wondering if this is possible when the video source is a physical disc.
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    Well, you can play DVDs in VLC and you already know how to speed things up there.
    And surely, you don't have any educational videos on Blu-ray? In any event, BD playback is quite poorly supported in OS X, and only very few rather bad applications exist for it.
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    If you're worried about encoding speed, check out MakeMkv. From whet I've heard, the process is is rather quick. Then play the mkv file in VLC.
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    VLC isn't going to play encrypted BluRay unless it's been added recently it will play BluRay but not store bought for that you need Mac BluRay Player. I really don't know what you mean by speeding up but you can FF in Mac BP.
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    It's not true.

    With that, you can play "old" Blu-ray only, and many "new" can break that.

    There is many version of AACS key, as MKBvx, and with the key from VLC, you can decode Blu-ray up to MKB version ~30. Today, the new release use MKB v50 (and more) and you can't decode.

    Second, the certificate with that is old and is revoked : if you try to read a new Blu-ray, he say to the physical player that the certificate is revoked. The player will never play a Blu-ray with this certificate after that, and find a new certificate is complicated.

    And many Blu-ray with BDPlus DRM will not play, even with the keys.

    Read Blu-ray with VLC is a real pain, because there is many problems with DRM and AACS.
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    That's where MakeMKV comes handy. It will de-DRM your movie during ripping.

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