Is it possible to stop iTunes "optimizing" photos?

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    I've recently bought an iPhone and because I work in graphic design, one of the main attractions was being able to sync my portfolio to a mobile device with a reasonable screen and have it with my on the go.

    I imported my portfolio in to iPhoto and synced the appropriate album, but when iTunes goes to sync the photos it "optimises" them, reducing the resolution and quality of the image which renders them useless, for obvious reasons. Is it possible to modify or disable the optimisation process via iTunes or iPhoto to prevent this happening?
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    Is your iphone "hacked"? If it is you can install mobilefinder and mobilepreview. Or you can just upload your picuters to a website and then view them over safari.

    I got the following from a iphone website.

    Full Resolution Photos

    The transfer process optimizes photos for display on the iPod’s screen or output to a TV. These are stored in an internal iPod thumbnail database format that is not readily user-accessible even via disk mode.

    However, if you do want to carry around the original pictures - perhaps for transferring to other computers, or printing - you can do this by selecting the option in iTunes to “Include full-resolution photos.”

    This will tell iTunes to sync the original-sized photo as an extra file on the iPod that can later be retrieved through the iPod’s disk mode. This will take up additional space above and beyond the optimized version described above. The amount of additional space will be entirely dependent upon the size and resolution of the original photo, since this simply creates an exact copy of each image.

    Note that this feature is not available on the iPhone or Apple TV, as these devices do not have a “Disk mode” that can be used to retrieve the photos.
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    Huh? Can you tell me where this preference in iTunes is? Because I can't find it, nor have I ever heard of it before.
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