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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by JazzMan10, Aug 4, 2006.

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    May 29, 2006
    During the last week of june this summer i broke down and purchased a shiny new MacBook Pro 2.16ghz blah blah blah. I knew full well the Merom processor was comming as i plan on upgrading again when intel shifts to its even smaller core chips next year. Thus far i must say i am very happy with the MBP. It does get very hot (although a firmware upgrade has helped a very small amount), it also has the annoying CPU whine, the hinge is a little loose for my taste and it seems the screen is bowed slightly on the corners so it doesnt close perfectly straight. All in all they are minor defects and i love the computer so much i just wrote them off as little personalized touches, despite paying $2500 for quality control issues.

    Anyways, i know apple is now offering repairs for the CPU whine. Right on the eve of the merom announcement do you think it would be possible to wait for the release of the Core 2 Duo then take it in to the apple store and show them the defects hopefully getting a new system? I'll even pay a couple hundred to upgrade. Possible?
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    I guess anything is possible, but it's more likely that if they even agree to fix anything for you (who knows these days with Apple), that they'll just grab old parts and replace those on your system. Or if they DO give you a replacement, I imagine they'd grab from refurb stock before giving you an upgraded machine...
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    It is possible that if enough is wrong with it that they will upgrade you to the new system. If it was me I would not offer money for them to upgrade you. Take it in there and explain the problems. If they fix it then great if they don't then tell them how disappointed you are with it and you deserve a machine that works properly. I have heard of stories where they will upgrade people because of the inconvinience, but don't go in there to be upgraded but go in there to have your machine fixed.
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