Is it safe to download programming from MacUpdate?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by oxband, Nov 14, 2016.

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    MacUpdate should be avoided, if possible.

    What are you looking for specifically?
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    A free program to rewrap MTS files that were accidentally removed from their AVCHD folder and that I want to use in FCP X. I was told I should rewrap them first.
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    Be real careful about downloading anything from the MacUpdate site. Their downloads usually include other junk ware or unexpected add ons that you didn't ask for. Instead, go direct to the developer's web site (if they have one) to download.
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    I've been using MacUpdate for years with no problems at all. I'm not happy about the fact that they've monitized by adding things to your downloads, but it's easily avoided by simply setting up a free account and being signed in when you download.
  8. presenta, Dec 1, 2016
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    To answer @oxband question, here is a quick investigation of RewrapAVCHD app listed on Macupdate.

    RewrapAVCHD download link on Macupdate is hosted on the developer's site:

    To check if the file is safe, I downloaded the file with iGetter, copied its MD5 checksum from iGetter Info panel (which is 597D19889B0177070CD59DF580E9DA98) and searched site for that checksum. The result is that 0 of 57 antivirus applications have found anything wrong with it. Here is VT report:

    Looking the "File Details" VT report we see that RewrapAVCHD app is not signed. Most probably an old app or developer is not willing to pay to Apple for certificate. This doesn't make the app bad, though.

    Sometimes Macupdate replaces the original download with an installer. It's usually very small file and often include the word "Installer". For example Macupdate shows that Firefox 50.0.2 is 86.3MB, but instead they serve you a 951.64KB (<1MB). Macupdate file is called "Firefox Installer.dmg" instead of original "Firefox 50.0.2.dmg".

    So, if you download a very small file with "Installer" in its name from Macupdate, go to developer's site and download the file from there.
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