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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by jameslikeness, Jul 30, 2012.

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    I use my early 2009 Mac Pro for work, and I always like to give Apple a little bit of a buffer on new OS X releases before upgrading in order to make sure there's no huge bugs that somehow make their way to the final release. I haven't really heard anything so far about huge system-destroying issues so far, so I'm wondering if it's safe to go ahead and make the plunge. I'm really looking forward to the upgrade, but I want to make sure my work computer won't be out of commission.
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    always have multiple backups.

    If it is your work computer I would wait for 10.8.2 just to be safe.
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    For Mac Pro users just get another HD and do a clean ML installation. HD flexibility is one of the great things about Mac Pros. I've got a SL drive, a Lion drive, a ML drive, a W7 and, for humor, a W8 drive. Each one can stand alone and each one gets completely out of the way when it's not needed.

    W7 and ML stay in the MP, SL boots via a NewerTech Voyager when I need to calibrate the monitor. Lion is just a clone made before ML. W8 is just for realizing how cool Steve Ballmer is.

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