Is it the RAM? iOS8? The Apps?


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Apr 19, 2010
Fort Wayne, IN
So I've been running my 6+ for a few days now. LOVE the phone. Great display. No camera problems or bad slo-mo pixels. Text is straight. Not worried about bending it as I've always babied my electronics of all persuasions.

But here is the ONE issue I've been having, and it's driving me NUTS!

I frequently use several different streaming audio services to listen to speeches and what not while I'm driving. Typically in the past, when I'd shut down my truck, the phone would maintain the location of the audio where I last listened and then pick up from there when I restart the vehicle.

Now, 9 times out of 10, when I start my truck, my bluetooth won't make the streaming audio connection, and when I go into the apps, they relaunch to the front page/menu where I have to go back, pick the message/speech and try to manually find the location where I previously stopped.

My settings are all the same as they were on my 5s, so what do you think, is this a consequence of too little RAM, a difference/bug in iOS8 or something else? This is actually a rather big deal to me as I'm on the road quite a bit. If it's a RAM issue, I'd be tempted to return the 6+ and go back to my 5s. If it's an iOS issue, I'll probably stick it out and hope for improvement in future releases.

Any thoughts?


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Aug 30, 2011
My car was tring to reconnect with the iPhone I just traded in.
It would timeout and never try my new phone.

I had to Forget my car radio device on the iPhone AND
I had to delete ALL Bluetooth phones in the car radio

Repaired my IPhone. It is now First and only in my car
My car is first in my iPhone but not the only device as I also have a
Bluetooth earpiece.


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Oct 31, 2009
Many are complaining about bluetooth connectivity issues. Do a quick forum search to find them. I'd imagine this is your issue.
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