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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by haumana, Jan 3, 2015.

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    I was recently given a non-working G5 (Late 2005). I was told that the issue was most likely the video card. I just wanted to know if you all think it would be worth time and effort to try and resurrect this machine.

    From what I can tell, everything is original. I came without a HD, but that's not a problem for me to replace. It also only has one stick of RAM, but doesn't this machine require them to be installed in pairs?

    I borrowed some matched sticks of RAM that met the necessary specs, but when I fired up the machine, I got various lights up on the mobo. Does anyone know if this machine requires that clear plastic shield or if there's a way to trick it so that the machine thinks it's there?

    Is it worth delving in deeper, or do I ditch it now for recycling?
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    Oct 3, 2006
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    Huh? Am I missing something?
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    If it's just the video card, there are used gpus for G5 being sold at Mac Palace or at eBay. There was a listing in eBay for a Radeon G5 9600 before that was sold for around $65. If the cost would be minimal and you will use it for your everyday needs you can try to have it fixed. Try inquiring at the PowerPC section as they might have more suggestions. :)
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    These machines do have a mechanism in place to detect the presence of the plastic air deflector, and will not run correctly without it being installed.

    Also, as you've stated, the RAM must be installed in pairs, but it's also important that it be correctly paired. If you look, there should be two separate "banks" that hold 4 sticks each. When installing RAM, you should install the first stick in the top slot of the lower bank, and the second stick in the bottom slot of the upper bank. Build outward in pairs from these two slots. The pairs should be-at a minimum-the same capacity and same general specs(i.e. both ECC or non-ECC). The computer won't boot unless at least one pair is correctly installed, and additional RAM won't be recognized unless it's also correctly paired.

    Where are you located, and what are the specs? Depending what it is and where you are, someone might be interested it in buying it from you and fixing it(or using it for parts to fix another G5) rather than you sending it for recycling.
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    If the plastic shield is missing, the fans will be racing at full pelt as that shield activates a temperature sensor located in one of its fixing slots.

    As for the Powermac, it will require some investment in the form of a graphics card plus a matching stick of RAM. If it is worth it is up to you and any potential use you may have for the computer. The lights on the logic board are error codes. Google for the legend that matches your model.
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    Video cards are cheap especially for mid-range cards like an ATI Radeon 9600 XT class. RAM must be installed in matched pairs.

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