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Sep 11, 2016
I have an M1 pro with 32 GB RAM, basically for Python/Matlab programming, and I'm really happy with the computer. However, for future career opportunities, I want to learn SolidWorks and Zemax (optics design software) under Parallels.

Since I'm unsure if the M1 Pro is enough to move this software, I'm considering using my education discount (I have two months left) to upgrade to the new M3 Max with 64 GB.

What do you think?... Is it worth upgrading?


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Jun 25, 2014
It seems to me the obvious thing to do would be to use SolidWorks and Zemax (both of which have trial versions) with your present machine as much as you can, and see how you get on.

$4k-plus is a decent chunk of money to spend on a machine to learn some new software for a hypothetical future job, especially if your current machine will do it just fine.
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