Is jailbreaking worth it ?

Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by xxxamazexxx, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Aug 28, 2010
    I accidentally jailbroke my iPod touch 4 yesterday. I downloaded the file and opened it out of curiosity, unaware of the ipod being plugged to my computer. Then I decided to give it a try and finish the process because as a first time user I was very curious about what a jailbroken iPod can do and looks like.

    30 minutes later I found myself playing Fire Emblem on a SNES emulator, something that I've been dying to do ever since I got my iPod touch. It was when I googled cracked apps and games to install that I told myself to STOP.

    Call me a control freak, but I feel that Cydia was taking away all the control I used to have on my apps. Such a winding process it was to remove one app you install in Cydia ! And it looked messy and dirty and unsafe too. I want the assurance that Apple's app store gives back.

    I also felt like being hand-led to piracy. My allowance is pretty humble, but I find it an okay budget to buy apps just now and then. For all the fun they offer it's worth the money.

    The last reason why I restored my iPod was a pesky problem with scrolling. After jailbreak I noticed the scrolling would get sluggish and jerky towards the end (even though it requires some attention to actually recognize it). That's the point when I freaked out thinking the jailbreak had gone awry.

    So in the end I just restored my iPod and my peace of mind. I know ppl used to jailbreak their iPods to multi-task and all, but isn't it obsolete now that iOS 4 features multi-tasking ? Was it even wise to force the device to multi-task when it wasn't hardware-ready and all the apps weren't coded properly for multi-tasking ?Just my 2c :)
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    I jailbreak my iPT4 so that I can tether my phone's data and use Safari instead of my BlackBerry's broswer. So even when Wi-Fi is not available, I still have an alternative for data when I'm on the go and need info ASAP. I would say it was the best $5 app I've spent.
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    I've been jailbreaking my phone to unlock it for tmobile for the past 3 years, not specifically to download cracked apps. I mean I tried them, but I don't need apps like most people. I have a few that I brought and pay for that I used everyday (including the $100 tom tom app). However, there are some things that jailbreaking is great for (like a much much better notification system).

    But I have since moved to at&t with iphone 4. For now, I am not jail breaking it. Its too annoying having to upgrade the software and losing my recorded apps settings, like reps I've done on my app and other things that I've used the apps for and have to lose cause restoring from a jailbreak save file has not been too great for me. Like I feel that the phone becomes slower when I restore from a backup. So far now, I'm sticking with OEM on the iphone 4.
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    There are a LOT of reasons to jailbreak.

    SBsettings- change settings anywhere, lock, respring, safe mode.

    iFirewall- see all incoming and outcoming connections and get to approve/deny them.

    Backgrounder- true multitasking, you can keep apps fully running in the background or force every app to use the apple backgrounding system etc etc.

    Installous- Pirate apps. Now, if you feel dirty doing it, then just use it to try before you buy!

    Winterboard- customize your device completely.

    and a few other apps like ones that let you have scrolling folders, 5, 6, 7 or more rows of apps, unlimited scrolling dock, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
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    Jul 12, 2008
    For one thing, you can install "CyDelete" in Cydia and remove jailbroken apps the same way you would normal apps. Also, the "sluggish scrolling" you described shouldn't be affected by the jailbreak, unless it's scrolling in Cydia you're talking about, because scrolling through thousands of apps at once is of course going to make the scrolling a bit "sluggish" (It's one of the reasons the App Store has the "Load More" Button for it's apps).
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    Have my first JB device and I like it for the customizations. Five icons in dock, five in a row, big folders, sbs settings is nice too. Expose is so much faster and easier to close out multi-task items than the double click and hold thing too. Buncha things that you can do and not feel dirty about.
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    Nov 3, 2009
    i restored my ipod touch 4g for the same reason as you. first i noticed some slow down on the ipod and sometimes touch stopped working for a second or 2. then i found myself installing every single game i saw available. it takes away all the fun of getting apps few by few and have a good collection. also you can't update those apps, you have to do it manually. that's why i restored, but mostly because of slow down issues and some apps quitting randomly.
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    You can uninstall JB apps by searching the app in Cydia and tapping the "modify" button above.
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    I tried this three times.

    The third was kinda fun - though not ONCE did I go into piracy :p - and then I upgraded to iOS 4.1.

    Jailbreaking is really quite pointless. Unless you have uses for tethering, unlocking, etc.

    And FYI, Backgrounding worked horribly each time I tried it. (2G and 3G iPods, both.)
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