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Jul 21, 2011
I've been debating whether to upgrade or not, but all these horror stories on this board and Apple Discussions are seriously holding me back. Am I just exaggerating the number of complaints or is it really an unstable OS?


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Jul 2, 2006

I have some Java, OpenGL issues, also some graphics not displaying in Firefox.

Steve's Barber

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Jul 5, 2011
Other than my 1st wife, people don't generally whine and complain when there is nothing to complain about.

Some quirks in Lion to be sure... but nothing major on my end.


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Dec 2, 2010
Atlanta, GA
I am having zero issues whatsoever. So far Lion is a great OS and I'm really enjoying it. My computer is actually running much faster and smoother than it did running SL.


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Jul 17, 2011
Tons of issues. Some of which are bugs, some of which are just incredibly stupid design decisions.


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Jun 24, 2009
The problem is not many applications are currently designed to take advantage of the new Lion features. It's like when HD TV came out and lots of programming was still broadcast in SD quality over HD... it still looked like standard definition. Until third party apps rewrite to take advantage of the new Lion functionality, I don't see a real reason to upgrade. Apple should have worked with third party application vendors more closely so that upgrades from them would simultaneously be released with Lion.


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Oct 14, 2005
I've been debating whether to upgrade or not, but all these horror stories on this board and Apple Discussions are seriously holding me back. Am I just exaggerating the number of complaints or is it really an unstable OS?
FWIW, spend a few minutes with google and you'll notice that the first release of every OS (OS X, Windows) causes problems for some people!

I wouldn't say the Lion problems some folks are having seems abnormal (compared to other OS X launches).

Personally, I've never had a problem with any of them at launch. Lion's running awesome on my Air and mini!


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Aug 10, 2008
I have no real problems running things

some things do seem to work in strange ways, not sure if bugs or intentional


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Aug 15, 2009
I think the typical thing is that if you read forums such as this, the problems seem more prevalent than they really are because people only come here to complain. I couldn't tell you personally, sorry. Gonna try Lion out at my local Apple Store tomorrow before I commit to it.


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Nov 13, 2009
have upgraded 4 machines to lion 2 x 27" iMac 2 x Mini and move them all back to Snow Leopard as not a single machine works as it should. They all had no issues under SL.

So i will update again once 10.7.5 or so is out


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Jul 21, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
Working perfectly for me and over 12,000 others ;)


People just seem to like to whine and complain on here for some reason!


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Aug 9, 2007
I did a clean install of SL, then installed iLife, then Lion. Then, I migrated my other programs, files and settings. I'm having some issues.

My wi-fi disconnects at random times. I've never had this problem before.

I can't always access my dock. Sometimes I can just move my mouse to it, and it appears. At other times I need to "swipe" to a different screen (like to my desktop) before I can get to my dock. I want the dock available at any time, regardless of what program I'm in. The dock is a great tool for many people to rely upon - and it's not acting right.

Safari memory leakage is crazy. 1GB to 1.5GB after running it for an hour or so. It just doesn't release memory. So, I have to re-boot to get my memory back. Not good.

The bootup seems low. That could just be my imagination, however. I would just expect it to be faster and not have about 3 different screens from the time I push the button to the time I see my desktop. (different shades of gray, the login screen, etc)

I don't like opening Word and seeing the same document that I was previously working on. Yeah, sometimes it is nice. But, sometimes it just means I have to close it & then go get the one I want. What if someone is with you when you open Word and you were working on sensitive or confidential material?

I'll attempt a fully-clean (USB key) install of Lion soon I think.

Flash doesn't work with the cursor/mouse in all situations. Even using tab & the space bar won't get this problem solved. Adobe already knows this.

I love the swiping from one program to the next. Great job. I do miss the "save as" - which is what we're all familiar with. Maybe I should have waited until 7.1. But, I was eager to try Lion and I figured with all of the testing that there would be fewer problems. The Safari memory leakage issue is definitely a problem for many.


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Apr 10, 2012
Half the time when I boot up, it takes about 2-3 minutes to boot, the other half is about 30 seconds.

One out of 4 times (I'm guesstimating...) when I boot up the search doesn't work -- as in, no matter what I type in the text box, it finds nothing on the computer... no i'm not doing it wrong
...3 out for 4 times it works just fine

I could go on for hours regarding random weirdness (bugs) with Lion
(I have installed it a second time to see if it fixes anything, but no luck)

Snow Leopard ran lighter(faster), was easier to navigate and had no glitches
...and had colorful buttons (who likes gray???)

Most of all it was much easier to do design on.

I'm on an
iMac 27inch
3.4 GHz i7
16 GB ram
AMD Radion 6970M 1024MB

The only one thing I like about Lion more is that now I can resize windows with the borders like on Win OS, everything else is garbage
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Jun 24, 2010
Never have a problem with it so far (or that I can think of).

Edit: Scratch that. I have an issue with Evernote web clipping can not clip highlighted texts, only a whole page.
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