is a good dealer?

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    Mar 29, 2004
    Boston, MA
    hi, sells fully loaded Dual G5 2.5GHz for $2899.

    They state "Apple PowerMac G5 Dual Processor 2.5GHz, 4GB, 250GB, SuperDrive
    GeForce 6800 UL Video Card for $2899"

    but in the description they bring a load of BS why the PM is so fast and then they say:
    L2 cache 512K
    Frontside bus 600 MHz :eek:
    8X AGP Pro graphics w/ Radeon 9600XT Video Card with 256MB DDR Memory :eek:
    Three open full-length 33MHz, 64-bit PCI slots :eek:
    One FireWire 800 port, two FireWire 400 ports (one on front); three USB 2.0 ports (one on front), two USB 1.1 ports (on keyboard); AGP 8X Pro slot with graphics card installed, including ADC connector and DVI connector

    so whats the deal? is that a good company with a bad website or is the deal bad?


    BTW: is the GeForce 6800 UL Video Card the same they sell now just without the support for the 30" screen?
  2. japasneezemonk macrumors 6502


    Jun 13, 2005
    I live a couple of miles from this store and i was not very impressed when i walked in. their website is just as bad. It was so small and disorganized you have to jump boxes just to look around. I purchased some JBL Creature speakers from them about a year ago, and i have not had any problems with them, so i guess it was a relatively good buying experience. However, keep in mind that this shoe box sized store is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not the most Mac friendly area.

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