Is Minecraft The Pong of alternative reality.

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by R1PPER, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I was thinking the power of minecraft is that at a base level it's the birth of man. You start with nothing just simple tools you survive yet in total safety. And you dream about becoming emporer one day. That is effectively the base goal of life. Uncluttered by any complex UI and we dream of ultimately what the world could potentially become. Maybe it is the first true escape into another world from this one. I think this could be the Pong of alternative reality. Life at its base level is incredibly simple.


    Ps....I haven't been smoking.
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    Minecraft starting you with basics and building off of it. Could be seen that way. Kind of like Spore did before it. Spore has you starting even more basic. Before you even gained the complexity of land navigation and resource gathering. You start as a small microscopic life form in some liquid, that simply needs to swim, eat, and survive. Eventually, you go through the phases to eventually become an intergalactic commander.

    What's different about mine craft is that while your variance from beginning to end isn't as impressive, you have way more control of crafting the kind of experiences you want to make...including to a degree, crafting entertainment that wasn't in the turning it into a roller coaster sim with your own created tracks. Or using your craft to develop adventures for people to play.
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    I'm highly skeptical.
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    This is your base goal in life.
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    Ahem, just a few things to point out in my opinion; firstly pong is THE pong of alternate reality so I struggle to see how Minecraft could take it's place even with its concepts. Secondly Minecraft may not have a complex UI but it has complex crafting that makes it seem ever so less primitive and simple. As for an uncluttered UI just change the scale of it in game and look at a chest full of stuff...

    Sorry to steal your thunder...

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