is mobilme still worth it?

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    Jan 3, 2011
    Used to be a mobileme member, and then switched to google. However been thinking about going back to mobileme, to see if its still worth it. I mean yes I did like the .me email address option and did like the syncing of my safari bookmarks, and calander and contacts etc. I know I have google sync for them features now. However I am getting sick of the ads now on google. I mean yes its not that bad and yes its free. But I dont know

    am confused. has anyone else had mobileme and then went to google and then came back to mobileme? if so why? I mean do you think mobileme prices are going to drop soon, due to the launch of the mobileme cloud etc?

    Any ideas or suggestions be appreciated.

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    I use it because it's convenient and I have a client who let me take 2 of the remaining 3 accounts from the family plan for free. If you can get 4 other people in on a family plan I'd say go for it. $30/year for each of you would make MM worth it, but I wouldn't spend $100/yr otherwise
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    MobileMe cost $0.22 a day to use (if you fine it for $80) I've been using it since it was called .Mac. The program has really evolved. I can do a quick store of files and software on iDisk. Sending files to clients/friends is easy.

    Mail - multi user names. smart boxes. spam filter are great

    ical - before IOS4.3 I was digging how I could sync all my Macs and iPhone.s

    iWeb - even if you don't use the website layout, you could post your resume there.

    Gallery - cool to share photos privately with friends/family. Also huge video files.

    If you change your search engine to Yahoo, you will get less google ads. Or just ignore them.

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