Is Mountain Lion worth it?


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Jan 11, 2012
Pacific Coast, USA
You really need to get out more and stop regurgitating all of the lame blogs you've been reading
They are designed to stir up controversy, negativity and generate hits
And using terms like iToyz, well, I can't take you seriously

Lion was not buggy for me at all, and was a good experience for most of the users
Yes, there were some vocal detractors on this and other forums, but that is to be expected as always

OS X and iOS are not converging into one OS
They share some commonalities, yes, and IMO it is not a bad thing to bring some consistency
But we are a long way from seeing any convergence of the two
Well, you certainly told me :)

Small White Car

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Aug 29, 2006
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1a) Not at all, read the post again. Dragging in Microsoft is changing the subject, this is about Apple and no one else.
I'm not "dragging," it's an example.

If you say "McDonalds sells pizza!" and I say "No, look at Pizza Hut. That's pizza."

That's not "dragging Pizza Hut into it." That's just me pointing to an example. I'm not allowed to point out examples of things?

2a) So far, again read the post.

3a) Wrong again, but at least you tried.
Sorry, but if you write this:

As Apple continues towards full convergence, the money saved by having just one OS, designed to pull iToyz users into new Macs... will be a significant savings in the number of developers and engineers required to build out a single OS.
...but you apparently didn't mean "a single OS" by it, then I suggest you somehow re-write it to be more clear. Because it sure looks to me like that's what you're saying.