Is my CPU fan dying?? Should I be worried??

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    I have a powerful 11.6 inch Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W700 the I5 core version which it requires a fan inside to keep it cool.

    I have been using the tablet for nearly 2 years now especially for video editing.

    But recently the CPU fan is not turning on when booting and from sleep mode as well, it takes a least a minute or 2 or sometimes takes a bit more longer to to get the CPU fan running again when in the home screen and when I not doing anything on my tablet the CPU fan just stops.

    And I have never had this problem before until very recently, before it started happening the CPU fan always came straight back on and running again when booting the tablet up and from sleep mode and the CPU fan kept running it self, not stopping when i am not doing anything on the tablet.

    So is this a sign that my CPU fan is dying?? Should I be worried??

    All so since it is a tablet everything is sealed in so if I wanted to replace the CPU fan well I am out of luck unfortunately.

    I have the Acer Iconia W700 the I5 core version, I am still happy with it after nearly 2 years of using it especially for video editing and bought it on Amazon and I am looking to use the tablet for a least another year(going into the start of 2017) then after I will replace it and upgrade to a way definitely more newer/sleeker and way better Windows 10 tablet/hybrid/2 in 1. :) :)
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    i have no experience with such a machine, i doubt many here do. Off the cuff, I'd say the fan not running should be considered a good thing. If the fan is running constantly, I'd say that is a very poorly designed tablet. It would mean they put a thermally-inefficient CPU into a device with tight thermal margins. Perhaps there was a recent system update that improved the power management and frequency scaling on your chip, causing the system to rely less on the fan? At any rate, the sign of a dying fan is generally noise, such as grinding or whining. Does your machine have temp sensors you can monitor? Maybe keep an eye on that for a while and see how it goes.
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    Likely cause is dust and lint building up inside on the fan. Removing that dust and lint usually returns the fan to normal operation unless you have damaged the motor when it has become blocked.

    If you can't open up the tablet to gain access to the fan and clean it yourself - then your just going to have to go to a repair centre or ring Acer support and send it in to them for repair or take it to a 3rd party reputable computer repair agent. It's just common sense really, sending 'good thoughts' from random strangers on a forum to it, is not going to sort it out, only physical action will and only you can take that, no-one here can.

    Ring Acer ...
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    Check your temps and/or find an app or hack that lets you control your fans manually. Maybe it's cause of an update, that your fans are not running exactly like your use to them running.
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    Has your bios been updated lately? I remember with my Dell XPS1340 I had a bios upgrade that made the fan turn on like crazy, then later they sent out another update to calm it down again. It could be that an update changed the perimeters of when the fan needs to run. Check your temps too, if your not over heating I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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