Is my G5 Quad dying?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by GyroFX, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Hi, I've recently noticed my red "overtemp" led keeps coming on randomly and only a shut down and restart may make it go away. I've also installed istat and thermographX to check out my temperatures. CPU A0,A1 idles around 120-125F. CPU B0,B1 idles around 96F. Even opening a webpage will cause CPU A to jump to 130-140F while CPU B stays around 100F. Going to youtube and watching a video will cause CPU A to reach beyond 180+ while CPU B is 120 or under. A difference of 60F is way too large right? Is the cooler for that CPU dying? My fans have been running consistently over 3000rpm for a long time now...sort of got used to it. Today was also my first time seeing my computer going to sleep in the middle of playing a game. My measurements for cpu A had a max of 199 and 203, while cpu B is around 130 or less.

    I've also researched on the net regarding shutting down CPUs. I downloaded Chud but can only turn off cpu A1, B0 and B1. I can't seem to shut down A0. I also tried open firware with the command of "setenv boot-args cups=2" but that left me with CPU A0 and A1...which are the cpus running hot. I tried cups=3 but 2 red leds came on and my computer would just freeze everytime i tried to go back to open firmware or resetting my parameter ram. I had to unplug everything and reset the PMU. Is there any way to run this G5 quad with only CPU B0, B1? Is that even possible? Sorry for the long read but I'm fearing my computer is dying soon...only if i can shut off CPU A somehow... Any help is welcomed. Thanx a lot

    oh right, the only way to keep the temps down is to run the computer at reduced energy settings.
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