Is my iPhone 4 bricked?

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    Aug 9, 2010
    A quick timeline of my problems:

    --bought iPhone 4 at launch
    --jailbroke last week using JailbreakMe
    --smooth sailing for a week or so? No issues, errors, etc.
    --Yesterday, I tried to open Cydia and started getting database errors. Tried to rejailbreak it, that didn't fix Cydia, so I left it alone for the time being.

    --earlier today, I opened my camera roll and was confronted with an error message saying that it had to "restore" my photo went through the restore and then said I had no pictures saved in my camera roll (I had had around 1600!). After a brief panic, i opened the camera roll again, let it go through the restore again, and the photos were back.

    And now my current, major issue...

    --about two hours ago, the phone just died. Completely. It was fully charged (I had just taken it off the charger about ten minutes prior) and I had my rss reader open (MobileRSS). Without warning, the screen dimmed and went black. Pressing the home button=no response. The power button=no response.

    So I plugged it into my computer to see if I could restore it and response. I held down the power button + home button for ten seconds, released the power button, and after a few seconds the computer recognized it...but the screen remained black. iTunes popped up and told me to restore it, so I tried.

    The restore failed. Error 21. The screen came on...kind of. Just a bright white screen at this point. after a minute or so, it goes black again and the phone is still dead.

    So to recap...I'm not getting the "recovery mode" screen on my phone. I can't get the Apple logo, anything. It appears to be stuck in DFU mode but it won't restore because of the Error 21 issue. I've tried everything--uninstalled iTunes completely and reinstalled, tried it on a different computer, etc. Nothing is working. I've googled it to death and all I keep seeing is "put it in DFU mode and recover it, it's impossible to brick an iPhone"....but absolutely nothing is working to restore mine.

    Any ideas?
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