Is my iPhone better at recording?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by igmolinav, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    How are you? I hope everybody is doing very well : ) !!!

    Perhaps it is no longer than two years since I have had
    a Zoom recorder, model H2n. It is a good recorder!
    It has not let me down, but neither my phone! It is
    longer since I have had an iPhone 5C.

    The truth is, that the phone's recorder never attracted
    my attention. When I got the Zoom recorder, I started
    using it and I always thought that spending the extra
    money in a recorder was worth it because the
    quality of the recording would be higher than that of
    the phone.

    I don't do any mixing(s) yet, I basically record
    interviews or conferences. I have not used the
    Zoom recorder yet, to simultaneously do video

    My fear to record with my phone was lack of quality in
    the recording and that the phone's battery may run

    I have been very pleased with the phone's recordings.
    They are clear and record quite well for my purposes.
    Without being a professional, the phone's recordings
    deliver, in my view, as good as the recordings of the
    Zoom's recorder.

    I started to use the phone as the the battery of the
    Zoom recorder ran out and the SD card filled.

    That's why I wonder, is my iPhone, or for that matter
    any new smartphone better than a recorder? Using
    the phone for the purposes I use it, can I and/or
    should I desist from using a better voice recorder like
    the Zoom H2n? Would you mind sharing some
    thoughts or comments? I know that for video it is a
    must to use a good recorder, but at the moment I am
    not using video. When would I really miss not having
    a Zoom recorder or similar?

    Thank you, kind regards,

    igmolinav : ) !!!
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    Dec 19, 2009
    you will need an external mike for iphone. There are many to choose
  3. cbautis2 macrumors 6502a

    Aug 17, 2013
    iPhones mics are sensitive enough for you to not need an external recorder.

    Unless you need an audiophile grade recorder for musical instruments, iPhone’s built-in mic is more than enough for voice recording.

    Though if you want to record music close to prefessional grade, you can’t beat the quality of the Sony PCM D100 for that purpose. It’s overkill for voice recording though
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    Oct 14, 2018
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    iPhone mics are good for speech but the noise cancelling aspects and algorithms make them terrible for music recording.

    The Zoom iQ5, iQ6 & iQ7 and Shure MV88 are all great plug-in Lightening connector, music mics for iOS. To get the most out of them including monitor while recording, you must use the mfr's free app.

    The Shure has arguably better specs but requires a device with a headphone jack if you want to monitor while recording. There are no controls on the mic either but if you're ok setting levels on the screen and leaving it alone, the mic does work well with an iPhone 7 and later.

    The Zoom mics have headphone jacks(!) for the iPhone 7 and later.

    Except for the discontinued iQ5, none of the above allow the phone to be charged while in use, a potential issue if using with an iPod Touch, iPhone 5S and SE. the iQ5 has a short USB cable with the right connector and there are some old cell phone chargers that have it, too (found one in a box the other day).

    If battery life is an issue with your 5C, look for a used iQ5. Otherwise the other capsules do sound a little better. I prefer M+S recording but if the H2N gives you the recordings you like, the iQ6 is the same capsule. I think the iQ7 is the most versatile. All are available used.
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    Your H2N has a 2 hour recording limit no matter how large the SDHC card, then you must start a new session.

    iOS had that limit, too. I don'r remember if it went away in iOS 10 but definitely gone by iOS 11. If your iOS is 9 or older, Shure has the same limit. The Zoom Handy creates a new session automatically after 2 hours and they edit together seamlessly.

    I tested MOTIV a few weeks ago so I know the limit is now gone. I don't know if Handy Recorder still does this now that it's no longer necessary.

    I have an R24 with that same 2 hour session limit.

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