Is My iPhone Factory Unlocked?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jimmy Guphanti, Aug 20, 2014.

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    I want to sell my iPhone 5S on eBay. I can get a lot more money if it is factory unlocked and I am pretty sure it is, but I want to confirm. I bought the phone from Verizon a while back and all phones sold on Verizon (as of the past few years) are factory unlocked. I then brought the phone over to AT&T and have been using it there for the past few months. To check if it was unlocked, I brought it to a T-Mobile store and had them put a SIM card in it, and sure enough, it hooked right on to T-Mobile's network. All signs point to it being unlocked..can I write that it is factory unlocked in the eBay listing? I don't want someone to buy it and have some reason as to why it isn't unlocked. It is right?

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    Is My iPhone Factory Unlocked?

    If you want confirmation, make a Genius Bar appt and have Apple tell you.

    (It sounds unlocked to me. Also, it should be if it was originally a Verizon 5s.)
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    It is unlocked for GSM use.
    But to be correct its not a Factory unlocked iphone. You can list it as a verizon Iphone 5S and if it has a clean ESN that's even better cause it can be used on Verizon and any GSM carrier in the world.

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