Is my iPhone unlocked?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by alpi123, Jun 22, 2017.

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    On Friday last week, I went to my carrier to have my iPhone 6s unlocked and everything, in general, went well. They said it can take up to one week to get it unlocked and that I will get an SMS confirming it. (I don't remember the last part if there should be an SMS). So, It's almost a week now and still no hints of my phone being unlocked. I usually want to try a foreign SIM but I guess at first place it won't work because I'm not in that country and there's very high chance of it being disabled. (that's what they do). Unfortunately, I don't have a different carrier SIM from my country so I can't try that option yet.

    One thing I read is that if I have the option "Cellular Data Network" it means that my phone is unlocked. I have it but I'm kinda sure I had it before too. Could anyone confirm if this option is legit and shows if an iPhone is unlocked? I'm travelling next year to the country I will be using a SIM card off and I need to know if my phone is unlocked.
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    Why don't you buy any prepaid SIM from another carrier (should be cheap, I guess). If the phone can be used with it, it's definitely unlocked.
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    Sometimes, to unlock the phone, you have to insert a sim, activated or not, from another carrier, power up the phone, and go though the set up process. If the phone isn't unlocked, you will be asked to insert a valid sim which would be a sim from the carrier that issued the phone.

    Another way to unlock would be to back up the phone using iTunes, reset the phone, and perform a restore from iTunes. During the restore, you will receive a message that says the phone is unlocked.
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    Thanks, guys. I got a confirmation SMS last Monday so everything is fine :)

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