is my iphone4 defective or not!!!??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Black.Infinity, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    i just wondering whether my iphone4 is defective or not

    iphone 4 32black and my carrier is Fido i live in Toronto

    and thanks for reading my post

    first of all i have the death grip problem but in good area im fine i just lose 1 or 2 bar not more than that and even sometimes not more than one bar
    but yesterday i was in another area with not good reception and i totaly lost my whole signal and all this happen if i hold my hand some how that i cover the spot

    here is my second problem when transferred my my music and podcast into my iphone4 after couple of hours i went to check them out but it was like i did not add any thing and after i connected to my itunes they appeared on itunes and my phone so far is OK but I'm just concern for later if this become an issue

    and third one is my voice mail i do not know if it is from my carrier or my phone but that's how is happening it keep asking me to setup my voice mail again and again

    here is a picture of it
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    Your deathgrip experience is exactly normal. (sad as that sounds) Good area=little or no problem. Weak area = big problem. I suggest getting a case or bumper if you're going to use your phone in a weak signal area. Many people find the (cased) iPhone 4's ability to hold weak signal to be very good to excellent.

    Question 2, I don't know about.

    Question 3, call your carrier. You may need to reset you voicemail password.
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    Jun 17, 2009
    I agree with everything from the above post.

    Question 2: I have this problem with my iPad sometimes. It usually is because too much media syncs at one time (as weird as that sounds) after a hard reset on the device and restarting iTunes I have not seen the problem duplicate itself. Maybe 3.2.1 fixed that for the iPad too.

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