Is my iPhone's battery life good?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Tarek, Feb 22, 2017.

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    I recently acquired this iPhone 6 from my Dad as a secondary phone and I feel like the battery life is very poor. I haven't really calculated exactly how long it lasts, but my S7 lasts so much longer than it. I am sure comparing the two is stupid because they run completely different operating systems and have different hardware, but it's just an observation I've made.

    My iPhone is currently jailbroken at 10.2 if that makes a difference. Today I let the battery run down to 2% (I never really let that happen but today I had no power source to charge from on-the-go) and when I went back home and plugged the charger in (original Apple lightning cable, SAMSUNG adapter) it immediately jumped to 12% so I am pretty sure something is wrong.

    I downloaded a couple of applications that supposedly give 'accurate' information regarding the cycles and everything and I've attached screen shots below.

    Any thoughts? Should I try ordering a replacement battery from Amazon or iFixit and attempt a DIY or am I not going to see much improvement at any case?


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    I can't see the battery cycles from the pictures you've shown. The BatteryLife app doesn't show that. You can use the CoconutBattery on Macs and iBackup Bot on windows to see cycles.

    Jailbreak can make the phone weird, especially regarding battery life.

    Regarding the fluctuations on the battery indicator... Try restart your the phone to reset the battery indicator. Also, if your phone is in cold weather, the battery indicator will drop. The important point here is that the indicator will NOT go back up as the battery heats up to normal temperature. It will stay down, and when you for instance plug in your charger you'll see the correct battery status.

    You have around 12% of wear on the battery. Apple considers a battery done when it hits 20% wear. So there's still some way to go.
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    He is jailbroken, BatteryLife from Cydia can show battery cycles.
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    If it's 87+% of how it was new I wouldn't replace it. That should still get you through the day without any issues whatsoever.
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    Looks excellent to me. Better performance than mine.

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