Is my iPod Classic Hard Disk Corrupt?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Husk, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Husk macrumors newbie

    Aug 28, 2008
    Hello everyone, I'm new member in this forum.
    I need some help regarding my 80GB iPod Classic which I purchased about a year ago, a week or so after it's official release.
    When I bought this iPod I got a receipt but threw it away since I didn't think I'd need it. Anyways, about 2 months or so into 2008, I began experiencing many problems with my iPod.

    I took it with me to school and it suddenly hung up and it wouldn't reset. I waited till I got home and Restored the iPod in iTunes. After this restore, I've noticed every single time I would sync the iPod with iTunes, only about 60-70 songs would sync properly. I would then get an error "The iPod cannot Sync with iTunes because an error occurred (-48)"

    I would get loads of these errors. Sometimes the numbers were different, ranging from 50 to 69. I tried replacing the cable, restoring my iPod over 500 times, I've even tried logging on to a Mac and using Disk Utility to repair and verify the disk, yet not errors were ever found by Disk Utility. I've tried formatting the iPod with Disk Utility. I've tried everything, even the appleipod.bat solution didn't work.

    I thought maybe it had to do with the iPod classic firmware, my question is, if I were to test this, how can I downgrade? Would it actually work? Is it worth trying?

    I have an iMac that has both Windows XP and Leopard on it. When I plugged in the iPod and tried syncing music to the iPod from an older Mac with Mac OS X Tiger, I would get the same error that I got when I synced music from Windows XP. However, when I sync music to my iPod on Mac OS X Leopard, iTunes simply hangs and doesn't respond for a long time, even if I click "Force Quit" multiple times. Through times like this, I have been forced to simply unplug the iPod which probably isn't advisable.

    Before I got these errors I have taken perfect care of my iPod Classic, it has been sitting in my drawer for over 7 months because I have searched everywhere trying to find a fix and simply haven't found one.

    I live in the Middle East and I have looked for Apple retail shops. I have found some yet according to the policy in the Middle East they refused to replace the iPod classic without a receipt which I do not have!

    I went to the United States this Summer but I FORGOT to take the iPod with me! DOH! Now the Apple warranty has expired so there is NO hope in getting it replaced for free! Is it possible to get it replaced by paying a small fee? I don't want to buy a new iPod, I have my brother's old iPod Touch, but I just miss my iPod Classic so much and I'm very angry because I don't deserve this, It's not my fault that I bought a faulty product. It's such a waste paying a large amount of money for an amazing gadget, having it die out on your 2 months later.

    Please, I need your help, I'm so disappointed with this news, I gave up with this iPod a long time ago but there must be something.
  2. Husk thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 28, 2008
    Guys, I'm trying to be patient here, I'd really appreciate some feedback from someone. Help me out here. Anyone.

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