Is My Mac pro Normal ??

Los Olivos

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Sep 19, 2006
Hi , I Have a 2 day old mac pro that I am not sure is operating as it should. Configuration is:
2 x266
2gig ram

I have been reading how everyone says their machine is so silent... well I can hear mine plenty, and its on the floor next to me. Not on the table at ear level. I thought it was just the hard drive but I had it replaced.. and the new one makes the same kind and types of noise... I can hear it accessing the hard drive ANYTIME I choose a different window or just scrolling on the web page.. In my last machine ( a g4 dual 533)... I never heard the hard drive seeking... , I know the fan was louder but still ... Whats up... Are there any adjustmnets I can make, should I try to retun it ?, or am I expecting too much. ?? thanks


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Aug 28, 2003
My MacPro started making a bit more noise when I added RAM to it. I am guessing the fans adjusted to cool the added memory. I do notice that the hard drive accesses an awful lot too. I am not really sure how much it is affecting performance, if at all, but I do notice it. I'd run a test on your RAM and make sure there are no errors.