Is my MacBook really "fine"? Complaint on apple's customer services

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by hkhammer1486, Oct 10, 2009.

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    Oct 10, 2009
    I am an apple user from Hong Kong and writing to complain about the quality of the Apple's product that has been bought recently.

    I bought an aluminum MacBook for my mom on 7th May 2009. Two days later, I discovered that the LED display has the "Vertical line issue", which was well-known on the iMac G5 displays. On 9th May, I returned the computer to the retail store and they gave me a brand new one. The problem of the LED display was solved. However, I discovered another problem.

    The two sides of hinge of the MacBook was slightly not balanced, but at that time I regarded this as a tiny flaw so I just left it behind. Last week, I intended to install Snow Leopard on my mom's MacBook. When I opened it up softly, I heard a "TICK" sound from the hinge. Afterwards, it can't be close completely. The display will be opened up automatically even with a very delicate touch.

    In case of the problem, I took the MacBook to the authorized repair centre located in MongKok (Communications and Services Experts limited). They told me that the whole aluminum outer-case and the display would need to be replaced. Moreover they claimed that this would have to be charged even within the warranty. I was totally furious that time.

    After discussing with the technician there, they just gave the ball to me and asked me to call the applecare service centre hotline. I called as requested and the centre asked me to take photos of the MacBook as an evidence but at the meantime they were not able to confirm me with the repair and the charge. At last, after taking pictures, without any help, what I could only do was to leave the MacBook there and waited for their unreasonable price quotes (Repair Ref no. AM0916268).

    This morning, the 10th of October, I received an e-mail from the repair centre, they told me that the MacBook is already repaired and they have been replaced a new display for me (My old display is working GREAT...). However when I get into their place, I found that the MacBook is still problematic.

    1) It is a new display but there are dead pixels and dusts in it
    2) The display can be closed completely, but the magnet doesn't work, the display can't hold its position, that means it can't stick to the body when closed

    The repair centre insisted that my MacBook is FINE, and the reason is because there are variations between the strength of magnets of different MacBooks. However I really possess an aluminum MacBook Pro with a very good magnet. The variation between the two MacBooks is too large to be ignored. I'm so disappointed by Apple's service and product, I don't think Hong Kong Apple is willing to follow my case anymore, therefore I would like to post my experiences here and look forward to any reply and suggestions.

    Thanks all.
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    Sounds like third party repair shop fault.

    Contact apple again.
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