Is OS X flaky with Dual Monitors?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by gcortes, Feb 12, 2012.

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    I just connected a second monitor to my 2011 Mac Mini. They're both HP LP2475w's. It took several cable swaps to get the menu and tool bars to appear on the left monitor. Now that I have, they stay there after the monitors power back up from sleep. I can't say the same for the applications. Occasionally the apps on the second monitor - the one without the menu and tool bars - appear on the first. In every instance, the Chrome browser window is always resized smaller, some from both the top and bottom. It looks like it's done to avoid overlapping the menu and tool bars. Is this just the way OS X works?

    The other problem is that the background on one monitor ignores my setting. When I bring up Desktop and Screen Save, both dialog windows show the same selected background, but the primary monitor only shows gray. Is there a trick to this?

    I tried asking this on the Apple OS X forum and got no response. I figure Mac Mini users are the most likely to have dual monitors.
  2. simsaladimbamba

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    It's Mac OS X 10.7 Lion that still has problems with dual monitor setups.10.2 to 10.6 worked fine with dual monitor setups, in my experience.


    Maybe have a look at Advanced Search to find similar threads:
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