Is OS X Hating on QS and Visor?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by r0k, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Mar 3, 2008
    I went to the Apple store about a week ago for a 1 on 1 because iMovie kept crashing and to get a quick tutorial on how to use it. During my visit, an Apple tech took a look at my crashing issue and narrowed it down to an iPhoto library full of about 20 hours of avi files. Cheap digicam. So I swapped out to a new empty iphoto library and imovie 09 started working again just fine. It's a ritual I will have to repeat until I manage my media a little better.

    But I remember the guy thought I was running Tiger, just because I had changed my dock back to 2d and because I was running QuickSilver. You would think I had pooped on my machine. "QS runs slow on Leapard" he said. "You really should just use spotlight". Sure. Fine. I do use spotlight, but cmd-space was mapped to QS. Until today. Man what a mess. QS wouldn't launch at all. Repeated attempts to force quit and #kill -9 the thing just wouldn't work. Finally I uninstalled it and things sort of started working until I tried to pull up a terminal. Now the freeze was even worse than it was when I was trying to get rid of QS. Now my Macbook was completely froze. Finally, I fished around and found /library/application support/SIMBL/visor.bundle and moved it to trash. Another reboot and my machine was working just fine again.

    I can't help but wonder. Did Apple do something in a recent system update that made these fine apps crap their pants? I've had 10.5.6 for a while but a rash of updates came along when ilife and iwork 09 went on sale. I can't understand how such solid apps suddenly careened off a cliff, taking my Macbook with them and about the only thing I've changed is upgrading to the 09 versions of ilife and iwork and accepting the latest round of os x updates.

    Any thoughts? Is there something more serious going on and my QS and Visor troubles are a symptom or are QS and Visor suddenly being rejected by the OS X immune system?
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    Quicksilver was brilliant, but it was also a perpetual Beta, even the author said so. It seemed more like a platform for him to develop ideas. It was open sourced a while ago, but it's not being actively developed anymore. That means that even small changes to OSX could cause problems, since no one is doing bugfixes or updates.

    The author now works for google and is developing a similar product from the ground up, Google Quick Search Box. It's like google desktop search with some quicksilver features, at the moment it's very beta.

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