Is RAM from good?

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  1. anthony113 macrumors member

    May 24, 2005
    Looking to buy another gig of RAM for my new G5 dual 2.7. Has anyone bought RAM from Any comments or suggestions where to buy RAM from are much appreciated. I know the G5 is picky with RAM and thats why I'm posting :) Thanks!
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    Oct 11, 2004
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    They are guaranteeing compatibility and have a lifetime warranty, that's good.

    They also claim that they sell Samsung Apple Factory Original RAM (as an extra cost option), that just is not correct. Apple does not use Samsung RAM in their G5's exclusively, nor even primarily. Apple uses Hynix, Micron, IBM, Elpida and some Samsung depending on which month it is. It is a sure bet that they are not selling RAM purchased from Apple.

    Google is your friend: all of the below information is publicly searchable:

    The Web domain was registered in 2001, which is good (there's some history)
    William Gonzalez
    Ram Direct
    910 Jolly Rd
    Okemos, Michigan 48864
    517 347 7859

    This is the phone number and address of

    Okemos Design (home builders)
    910 Jolly Road
    Okemos, MI 48864
    (517) 347-7859

    William Gonzalez registered two other businesses at 900 Jolly Road in 2002: SCOOTERPUP

    You can inquire with the Better Business Bureau whether they are members, and if there are any outstanding issues.

    There are 2 endorsements I found: at iTweaks
    and MacFixIt
    and one problem at MacWorld Forums

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