Is Remote Desktop for Mac free?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by I Need a Drink, Feb 6, 2015.

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    Oct 14, 2013
    Let me preface by saying I'm new to Mac. I noticed that when I updated to 10.10.2 and again today on it's own, the app store had me update the Remote Desktop Client. When I go to my Applications folder I can't find this app and when I search it shows up on the App Store for $80.00. Why am I being asked to update an app that I presumably don't even have? Am I missing something?
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    The client portion comes with OSX, the actual application that does the remote control is not.

    If you want remote control apps, then look at TeamViewer, its free and platform independent, i.e, it runs on windows, OSX etc.
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    Dec 12, 2002
    There are three parts to "Apple Remote Desktop"

    1. The 'server' side - this is what each machine runs that allows OTHER machines to reach in and control it. This is built in to OS X. This is in System Preferences, under Sharing. You can have it share with the stock Apple Remote Desktop protocol, or with the open VNC protocol (which requires an extra step to enable because Apple doesn't support the secure version.)

    2. The 'simple client' side - this is what you run on a remote machine to connect to machine #1 - OS X comes with it built-in, but it's hidden by default. It is an app called simply "Screen" in /System/Library/Core Services/Applications (in Yosemite - in earlier versions it's in just /System/Library/Core Services.) I make an alias to it in my main Applications folder. This client can connect to machines running either the Remote Desktop or VNC protocols. (In fact, from Safari, you can launch it directly by using a URL such as vnc://servername ) This is also the app that is launched if you use the network browser in the OS X Finder to see a system on the local network, and click "Share Screen" on it.

    3. The 'complex management' software - this is the $80 package. This allows for not just viewing and controlling the desktop remotely, but for easy management of many machines remotely, including pushing out software packages (want to install Pixelmator on 10 systems at once? You can with this.) It allows you to view thumbnails of many systems screens simultaneously. It allows you to remotely connect, and lock the local screen and keyboard! (Useful if you run a computer lab, and need to change a setting and you don't want the local user to see what you're doing - they will see a gray screen with "this computer is being controlled remotely" or some similar message.)

    For home, and even very small business/education environments, the built in components in #1 and 2 above are probably fine. #3, the paid software, is for larger/more complex management scenarios, like computer labs or corporate computer management.
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    Nov 12, 2014
    I am quite sure that step 1, the sharing option built-in OSx is not working since the upgrade to Yosemite. At least that's what I am experiencing along many other users.
    For what I know Apple is still working on this bug, but I am pleased if someone could manage to make it work.
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    Dec 12, 2002
    I've used it numerous times just fine between two Yosemite computers, and between Yosemite and Lion computers.
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    If anything, in my experience screen sharing has been better in Yosemite than it was prior. Maybe it is just me but it seems to connect faster.

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    I'm not sure about what the paid option gives you, but for basic functionality I recently set up my machines at home with the standard built in yosemite options, so that I can remote access and view/control the screen of my iMac via my macbook and vice versa. It was in the sharing options.

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