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Jun 16, 2009
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since ios12 Siri seems to be getting worse. Prior to iOS 12. I could ask Siri to play me music to motivate me or music to get going on a morning. In iOS 10 and 11 it would play a mix on Apple Music.
Now in iOS 12 it either says can’t find any up beat music or just that theres a problem.
Siri seems only capable of telling me the weather and setting reminders


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Jul 31, 2013
I'm not a major Siri user mainly just using Hey Siri to do bits when i'm in the car which has carplay. Things like directions to places, make phone calls, read and dictate messages, play music and in general it works fine. In fact i even managed to get it to Shazam a song that was playing on the radio for me and then add it to my Apple Music.


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Aug 28, 2018
Siri isn't getting worst, however, it can get much better. I am not habitual of using virtual assistant on my smartphone because I think they are still far away from being a helpful assistant. Yet, Siri is the best of all virtual assistants out there.


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Feb 9, 2005
I used to think Siri wasn’t half bad, mostly because I had no other frame of reference until I tried Google Assistant.
It’s way faster and has boatloads more artificial intuition than Siri does. I can jump back and forth between English and Swedish within the same sentence and it gets it right every time. I can throw it a curveball like ”Alla filmer med Saorsie Ronan” (All movies with Saorsie Ronan”), no probs. Siri fails 10/10 times, I think ”search the roman” was the closest it got.

Recognition quibbles aside, there’s also the matter of what Siri can do when she actually hears you right. I find it to be very hit and miss, and often depressingly stupid. One thing I like to do is ask her to read my latest notifications out loud. Typically you get them in clusters of 5-6 or so because multiple sources are reporting the same breaking news. I want Siri to read all of them in one go, but she insists on being an idiot. It goes like this:

- Read ALL my notificationS.
- You have notifications from V, W, X, Y and Z. You have one notification from V: [blah blah blah]. Would you like me to read THE REST?
- Yes...
- You have one notification from W: [blah blah blah]. Do you want to hear THE REST?
- Yes!
- You have one notification from X: [blah blah blah]. Shall I read ALL OF THEM?
- YES!!??!!
- You have one notification from Y: [blah blah blah]. Would you like me to read THE ENTIRE LIST?
- You have one notification from Z: [blah blah blah]. That’s all I have!

That’s Siri in a nutshell. That frustrating combo of enthusiasm and perplexing stupidity that makes your blood boil.
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Knowlege Bomb

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Feb 14, 2008
I hope not! I just bought a couple of HomePods to replace the Echo I have in my kitchen. I can't stand Alexa. There's been so many times I'm in the middle of a conversation and she'll just jump in and start rambling about some random topic because she thinks she heard her name. I've also noticed the "listen" ring on the Echo just randomly lights up and I'm not okay with that.


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Apr 9, 2009
Yes, Siri is getting better. I read a similar re-cap on a "competitor's" site (cult of mac). As far as understanding commands, Siri is a fairly close second to google, and significantly ahead of Alexa and Cortana overall and in most categories. Siri was even ahead of google in commands). Siri also improved in every category tested vs 2017. Yet, Siri has much room for improvement, particularly in the areas of information and commerce where it's accuracy rate is embarrassing. And let's face it - it's apple - Siri really should be no. 1. However, the "siri sucks" mantra is just wrong.


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Jun 16, 2009
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thanks for replies bit of mixed bag really. Understands me and the words I'm saying just seem to struggle with the actions where it once didn't for me.


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Jun 29, 2019
thanks for replies bit of mixed bag really. Understands me and the words I'm saying just seem to struggle with the actions where it once didn't for me.
[doublepost=1561797404][/doublepost]I know it’s been a long time since you posted this buti am having the same issue. I rarely use Siri but Ithe other night for speed I did and I’m astounded at the lack of accuracy! To the point that I spoke slowly and articulated every syllable ike I was taking to a child... He still can’t understand me saying thesaurus... I’ve tried so many times just out if frustration... I even changed his accent to American because I read one article that suggested a different accent may be the problem... nope. I’m at a loss as it’s always been amazingly accurate. it’s a new phone and I initially had problems with the front speaker but after downloaded the last iOS 12 it’s working much better. I admit I don’t use Siri often but I like the feature for when I have no hands (mom of an infant etc) I expect it’s an iOS issue.. maybe a bug like my previous issue.. also I took off the case to see if that was obstructing the microphone... nope. basically tried everything. Have you found a resolution to this problem?
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Scott Williams

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Nov 22, 2019
Siri is definitely getting worse. With each OS update it gets a little big worse. Previously Siri was pretty good with, "tell me how to get to xwz" or play playlist "X" shuffled, or "Call Mom". But now I find for each of these vary simple things I have to repeat the instructions 4 or 5 times before she gets it right, and probably 30% of the time I get frustrated and just have to manually do the operation. I have also found that Siri really struggles when in a car with some background noise and that is when I need Siri most. I new thing since IOS 13 is she seems to have trouble with the internet connection now. I will have plenty of bars but she will report a problem with the connection. Then I will repeat the command (same bars of connectivity) and it works. So frustrating. I'm at the point where I'm thinking about switching to Android. I've been using an iphone for 10+ years.
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