Is SLI/Crossfire worth the money?


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Oct 24, 2004
Northants, UK
Building a Core Duo 2 PC 2.13Ghz soon, can't decide wheather to buy a SLI/Crossfire Motherboard or just a normal MB and an expensive Graphics card.

Any advice/experience?


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Aug 11, 2006
If gaming is important enough to you...

If you are just getting it to get it, I would have to call that a stupid purchase. Same thing with the expensive graphics card.

Have you ever built a computer? I am curious, because I don't understand why you would come here of all places for advice.

If you really want to go SLI, get two if the best cards you can afford. Alternatively you could buy the most expensive card, then buy another one down the road.

If you havent already, make sure you read up on the motherboards SLI performance. And if you don't know already. is a good place to buy from.